Friday, January 28, 2011

Training and Fun

It was a wonderful day today and I took my office out to the barn and did all my telcos there. I was riding Missi and Sandor today. Missi is incredibly easy to ride. She simply wants to do it ALL RIGHT and really pleases her rider.

Meanwhile she gained condition and she flexes nicely on circles etc. She compensates some confirmation disadvantages she has for dressage with a lot of will power.

Sandor was .... slow :) It is nicely to observe, once he trots he trots, but to get him there .... but he feels good, very comfortable and soft.

I also did some walking with the young ones and did some ground training with them. Tornado has some tensions right now in her back, but after a treatment yesterday she was running much more free today.

After all of this hard work, I had a surprise for the youngsters! A red ball with a tasty thing inside! You can really see that they are still young lol.


  1. Hi Caren,

    I just love the looks of Missi, sounds like she is great to ride trying to please you and do everyting you ask!
    I know these red bals and my horses also love it!

  2. Sweet pictures, It must be great having a riding horse like missi!

  3. Dear Jessica and Anniken,

    thank you! Missi is the very best out of CCC Warrior Perfect`n (Disposition) and Cotton Eyed Joe (Confirmation). I only can recommend foals out of that combination, they are all great :) I hope that Missi will have nice baby Curlies some day by herself :)

  4. Great photos, what was in the red ball?

  5. There are kind of sweeties in it ... Thank you all for your nice comments :)

  6. Great pic as usual. I am so impressed by your facility! You have it made so nice for your horses it realy looks great!
    I had one of those balls too but Spirit got frustrated and took it down somehow hahaha

  7. I have to wonder how one of those balls would survive a herd of 30? LOL I love the variety in your herd they are beautiful.
    Ellen Cheyenne, WY

  8. Thank you Marion! Ellen, the toys really survive - I am impressed. I have the world champions of destruction in my her lol and they are really constructed good though the horses play with it all the time!

  9. Caren! They are all so very beautiful!!! My fav's tho are Sandor and can see they are happy and content in their eyes!!! Keep it up Girl!!!


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