Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yesterday's lesson

I noticed a week ago that Voelie's eyes were red (the part that is supposed to be white) and there were lots of tears and 'junk' in the corners of her eyes so I bought an eye cream. I have used it daily since which in itself is a good practice for her. At first she was not too sure about me putting cream in and around her eye but now it is part of the daily routine and she is easy to handle doing this. Today her eye looked more pink than red so I think it is improving. I will keep using the cream though.
After this daily routine I did a bit of preperation for future lunging. I let her walk in a circle around me on a long leadline and change direction and stop when I asked her to. After a couple of tries she understood what I wanted. We practiced again walking over the rubber mat as I did with her yesterday and today it was no problem at all. She really rememberd yesterday's lesson well!


  1. Yes isn't it rewarding to have a plan come together and see the previous training retained?! Good job!

  2. I have one Curly that has allergies (lol) - keep an "eye" on that redness, with spring coming it could possibly be an allergy too.

    I find it quite hilarious that I have a hypoallergenic horse that has allergies ;)
    Shelly in Summerland

  3. Shelly, does your horse also have this redness in winter or just in summer? Maybe it's the hay? I will definately keep an eye on it:) and see how it works out with the cream.
    It does sound funny to have an hypoallergenic horse with an allergie!:)

  4. She gets swollen around her eyes, it - her eyes are quite dark so it is hard to tell if they get red too. For my horse it is usually the springtime pollen and it begins long before most people think it is spring.
    Shelly in Summerland,

  5. This is such an important lesson. The eye is such a delicate thing with horses. Wonderful she trusts you so much. But yes, if you are consistantly trying, they will understand and be patient in the end. Great job, Jessica!

  6. Does she have a round bale? My bunch tends to stick their entire heads into their round bales so I keep an eye (pun intended) out for eye irritation.

    Sounds like she handled it well!

  7. She does not have a whole bale at once. They get portions in their feeder 4 times a day but it is possible that pieces fall into her eye but I am not sure. I think her eyes are getting a bit better, I hope it will be ok next week! Here eyes are not swollen but they are still a bit red.


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