Sunday, January 30, 2011

Good day!

I'm proud of myself, lol.  I rode Sailor Friday for a bit and worked him in long lines.  Then yesterday I worked with Moon and Murray.  I also clipped and messed with Simon yesterday.

And today .... I did it all again, lol.  I got up early (for me) and headed to the barn.  The smaller turn out paddocks are not used on Sundays so I turned Simon and Sailor out together.  Simon lives in the barn with his lean to and run but he doesn't really get to socialize.  So he spent several hours out today with his big bro, Sailor.  It was really exciting.  They sniffed each other then stuffed their heads into the bale of hay, lol. 

The girls wanted to trail ride and since I'm not comfortable enough with Emmy yet to trail ride, I needed to get her ridden first.  I tried a new bit setup with her and that was a total FAIL.  Nothing drastic happened but she let me know in no uncertain terms that she was NOT pleased, you know as only mares can! 

Then I collected Murray and off we went.  I wasn't really feeling the trail ride thing but my friend just sort of took off without me so I had to catch up.  Murray was just fine.  I haven't ridden the trails at this barn yet so this was new for both of us.  We saw little yappy dogs and balloons and black plastic stuck to the ground and a plastic bag floating on the breeze.  And just like the good boy I know he is, Murray took it all in stride.  In fact, he tried to carry me into the subdivision to investigate the balloons.  We were only out for about an hour.  I didn't have a jacket on and the wind was COLD.  Yes, I know I'm a weeny! 

Now I'm worn out!  I should sleep good tonight!  I told my barn owner that I was paying him instead of a gym membership!


  1. LOL, so true about the gym membership eh??? All the groundwork with Linus really keeps me in shape...and the ever increasing amount of snow is adding to the workout too!!

  2. Amen to Donna's comment and Carrie's post! And I am right there with you on the weenie thing Carrie!
    Ellen Cheyenne, WY

  3. I agree on the gym part. Working with horses does keep you fit!
    Sounds like a great ride. I love it when your horse is not scared of anything you come across on your rides!

  4. Good boy Murray! I am always cold, too, Carrie. I don't know how Betsy and Zoe go out in zero temps. My fingers and tootsie's get cold. Speaking of gym membership, on Sunday's ride I actually walked the first half mile to get in some extra exercise that I sorely need this time of year.

  5. Carrie, the earlier, the better! Very nice report lol. And yes, Murray sounds awesome!


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