Saturday, January 29, 2011

Moon and Murray

I worked Moon again today.  He was such a good boy.  All the snorting and drama from last time was gone.  He was soft and attentive the whole lesson.  He got a good grooming and a nice long long lining session.  Poor boy worked up a sweat!!  And so did I ....  I ended up in my shirt sleeves again. 

There's a kid at the barn who is interested in Murray.  Well, I've changed my mind.  I rode him today for the first time since June.  He was PERFECT.  No way am I selling him!!  I tried a new bit on him today and he really liked it.  In the past it's been a challenge to get him to relax down into the bit.  This new bit is a chain mouth gag with 4" shanks.  The gag action is very small with a quick release.  He was super soft and responsive.  He actually stretched down into it at a trot.  

It was a good day with the boys.  It's always nice to work with the older, more experienced horses.  They're fun without the extra stress! 


  1. Maybe Murray sensed that someone was interested in him and did his best to please you:) I love it when a horse is so soft and responsive, always a joy to ride then!

  2. I am always so interested in the difference bit changes can make.. sometimes we don't think of it and attack issues from other directions.. and one day by con-incidence change a bit and wow -- new horse :)

  3. Great report and I know just what you mean about having a horse that a person can just jump on and enjoy - I am always training horses and while I love what I do, I miss having just one that I can count on to always react in a predictable way!
    Shelly in Summerland

  4. Thanks for sharing it. Yes, they all have that phases where they are nice or not that nice lol. This is what makes our passion so interesting ... it is not only you with your moods and phases, it is also the horse as a personality as well ... Rare moments when it all works out fine together ... :)


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