Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Wintery Day in Michigan

Another wintery day in Michigan :) Went out around ten or so to feed the horses a couple bales of hay so they would be satisfied enough to ride later on in the afternoon. They were all just lazing around in the sun. The temp was about 4 degrees when I woke up around nine am, but soon rose to about 15 degrees by the time I got out the horses at one pm.

I decided to ride Shaneequah and pony Yodie along with her. That way, both of them could get some work in. Yodie has learned fairly quickly to stay right at my knee the entire time while ponying him. I feel bad for him at times though (hehe!) since Shaneequah is gaited and her being at her shuffle 75% of the time means that poor Yodie has to trot most of the time to keep up with her! Oh well. Maybe this will get him into more of a working walk instead of just a pokey one?

I had wanted to go out for a good hour and a half or two hours but ended up switching to just a hour. The roads were way icier then I thought and the route that I had wanted to take was mostly pavement. I didn't want to be ponying a horse up and down steep hills with cars and other vehicles going by.

I have also decided on some goals for this year for each of my horses. For Shaneequah: getting more consistant on her left lead, working with her in the sidepull and getting into some competitive trail riding. For Yodie: working on getting him to consistantly neck rein, working on going out alone on the trail, trail class obstacles, getting to the Cheboygan Clinic and Show in June and also to better his groundwork.

Well, that is all for today. The camera is on the charger, so hopefully there will be pics to show for tomorrow's ride :)


Emily, Yodie and Shaneequah


  1. AWSOME Job Emily!!! Im doing good in snow/ice with only one that Im riding ..much less ponying another one!!!LLOLL Have an awsome evening!

  2. Thanks Krissy! Yeah you definantly have to be careful with the ice. We had really warm temps after Christmas and then it froze over and snowed :/ Very deceiving! Better to be safe then sorry.

  3. How wonderful! Yes you will do it!

  4. Sounds like Yodie is getting a good work out riding with your mare! She is a bit smaller than him too isn't she? That is so surprising. Awesome that they are both doing so well ponying like that...good job. I find an hour or so is plenty this time of year. Especially if that wind pics up!


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