Friday, January 7, 2011

The ice is melting!

This last week it has been cold and the field and the grounds were solid ice, I wasn't able to do much with Voelie or take her out of the field. Yesterday evening it finally started raining, not that I like rain but it does get rid of the ice:) Today there are still some patches of ice, also just outside the gate to the field, but a lot of the ice has melted. Now we have large puddles (you might ask what are those horses doing in the pond because you couldn't tell it is a field at this point).
I started mucking out the field today, it had become quite a mess because mucking out was not possible with all the snow and ice for a while and now it was extra heavy with all the water. Voelie followed me around while I was mucking out and kept on 'asking' me to give her attention. When I din't respond she put herself between me and the wheelbarrow, really funny. After I was done I played with Voelie in the field, having her follow me, picking up her feet, making her move over and rubbing and scratching her her all over. She really loves to cuddle and loves her scratches!

I hope the last of the ice will melt away and we have some nice weather so that I can take Voelie out for a walk this weekend!


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  2. Jessica, those Curlies sure love attention from their human, don't they?

  3. It is melting here as well! Hurray!

  4. Jessica,
    Our Curlies love their rubs too! Jubliee Curly J will even show me where he wants to be funny{:> Who says horses can't communicate?
    Hope the weather get warmer for you to ride soon. Angie


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