Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Such a Good Boy!

Two days ago I took *Joe to the indoor arena - I have been working him nearly every day lately, so this was nothing new, but he wasn't very good the other day :(  he was distracted and a bit spooked for some reason, so today I decided to do things a bit differently and worked him at home in my own outdoor ring.

He was such a GOOD boy today - and wow is he getting fit!  Just cannot beat an Arabian cross for getting and maintaining fitness - very impressive!  As usual, I lunged him first and after a solid half hour of trotting and cantering he wasn't even puffing - and this was in about 6 or so inches of snow with a crust!

I love how he is getting so rhythmic and how hard he tries to get things right - as usual, he was doing a lot of licking and chewing and thinking hard about stuff lol.

He is getting light and soft to ride as well, I didn't get any photos or video of that though - as I was on my own today.  I did get a few photos and a bit of lunging video though - here it is:

Here are a couple more photos from today - he is such a love bug :)

I have *Joe listed for sale - only due to having quite a number of horses to ride at the moment, if he continues the way he is, he will be a real competitor for endurance, but look how lovely he looks, he could easily be doing dressage too.  

Until next time!


  1. He looks so much like my boys brother. I love the photo with his tongue out.

  2. Joe looks great! I really like your video. I imagine he would do very well in dressage!

  3. Yes, He IS such a good boy! Joe is cute and willing, and I love the Thinking picture. I hope he finds the perfect home!!

  4. Thank you all! Susan, the perfect home might be right here. He is something of a special needs boy in that he is coming 13 or 14 this year and no one before me did any saddle training. We have had a couple of starts and stops with his training since I have had him, but this is his year to really get out there and do some miles. I love him a lot - I had his grandmother and I also own his aunt, that would be *Tessa, I was riding her in my last post. His sire is *Nipper, that Sheryl has now.

  5. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing it!

  6. I can't wait to see how he does in distance riding, Shelly. He looks like he would be really smooth too. Loved the video!! Lunges so quietly and respectfully. Great job sharing him with us!!

  7. Shelly,
    Such a fine fella. Great video of him too! It shows you have done a wonderful job with his training.

  8. Nice trot on that guy, Shelly. I love that you caught the "thinking" picture, too!! Laurie

  9. That is a very nice video you made. He can trot very well! He will do great in dressage but like you said also long distance.

  10. He looks wonderful!! He such a lover. i miss the big lug. He always had the cutest welcome voice... I sure hope you do keep him. you have been good for him. Sheryl


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