Friday, January 7, 2011

Second memper from Finland ...

... want to say Hello to every one! And share today's ride whit you

We had planned to do moonlight trail, but in cloudy evening, it turn in to "snowlight" trail :) In the shining of a snow and quite deep snow blanket, we make nice 1,5 hour trail.

I'am new in RAC and it is very interesting to read these blogs.


  1. Hyvää päivää, Eeva! How super cool is that, a moonlight trail! It must be wonderful to do that, especially in your country!

  2. Wow a snowlite ride! How much snow do you normally get?

  3. Oooooo A snow light ride....I love the music their hooves create as they walk along in the the snow!!!

  4. Hyvää päivää! Sinulle myös Caren! Where you have learned to speak Finnish!

    Normally we don't get so much snow in this area, around 20-30 cm, but in this year, we already have 50 cm. And our winter have just begin;)

  5. Welcome to RAC,
    A moonlight trail ride sounds fabulous. Maybe the clouds will clear for another ride. Stay warm, best wishes from Texas.

  6. How beautiful!!! That sounds like heaven. So cool when the moon reflects off the snow at night like that...stunning. I can just picture it. That's a nice long ride for nighttime too! Good for you!

  7. Welcome Eeva,
    My daughter and I try to get out for a night ride in the snow with a full moon every winter, but it is not easy! However, it is well worth it with the shadows from the moon on the snow - there is nothing like it - have you ever tried to get pictures? I think I will try this year!


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