Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The ponies day off!

My ponies got today off so I figured I'd write about Monday and Tuesday.
Monday I wanted to work both Theo and Abby but ended up just riding Theo for a while. We did some good arena work and cantered over some ground poles for the first time! The best part was actually getting to ride outside though. It was a gorgeous day and two of the other boarders came with me down "The Water Way"... It's really just this strip of land between to fields. They were riding gaited horses so Theo had to work a little harder to keep up at a walk. He is a quick walker but no match for them.

This is us starting out.and me getting left behind.
Theo escorting Abby back to the hay.

Last night I just worked with Abby in the arena. A lady at the barn helped determine what gaits she was attempting to do. I did get her to foxtrot for a brief moment which made me so excited!
We are mostly working on fitness though since she has a pretty weak hind end.
Abby also got introduced to Abby for the first time. A boarder bought a mirror for the arena which was installed on Sunday. She just couldn't keep her eyes off herself; she wasn't afraid of it at all just wanted to stare at herself. It was cute and vain at the same time.

Until next time,
Theo, Abby, and Blaine


  1. Nice cornfield picture. I love seeing where other people ride.

  2. Wow what a nice nature. I envy you!

  3. Awesome Blaine! My husband's curly gaits a bit too and everytime he gives him a few steps he is thrilled. I wish we knew someone that could help him more to advance it. Glad you had such a great time with you and your buddies!

  4. The key (I'm learning) is they need to be collected in order to gait. It's a lot like riding dressage actually. There is a lady at the barn I board at that has lots of Foxtrotters and she does schools during the summer not sue how far you are from WI though.


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