Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Sweet Day

Often times my day is filled with a variety of different activities that require me to "wear" many hats. Yesterday was one of those days. Early morning work in the school district for the before school care program hanging out with elementary aged children, then off to appointments for my own daughter, and finally at the farm. Once there still a multitude of different activities, first making candy bundles for a fundraiser we are having Sunday for the riding center and then farm work-spreading calcium chloride in the indoor to help with dust control. Finally a little horse time. It was a beautiful spring day with the sun shining, temps close to 50. Chosen today was OYY Sweet Dream's Baby-whom we call Mari. Mari is a 4yo cremello filly who is as sweet as her name describes.
Despite being a keeper she has been started under saddle lightly as we have plans for her to be a lesson horse and a possible mount for my mother someday. Once she is old enough to give lessons I just know the kids are going to be scrambling to ride her as she looks just like a unicorn with her blue, blue eyes and fancy cream color. Since it has been a while since she has been under saddle we spent our afternoon doing a bit of ground work. As usual with the horses she remembered everything taught to her but again she comes from a great family. Her mother BG Dream Curl is the matriarch of the property- the first baby born to Top O' The Hill back in 1985 when I was a very young girl. As a keeper Mari is a matriarch in training. I think the horses know when they have a permanent place on the farm because they hold a different sort of attitude then the sale horses-it may be because we do not hold anything back from them because we do not want to become to attached. We love them all but those staying with us are different than those searching for their perfect family.
As the weather improves, I plan to get Mari back under saddle and put some miles on her. Before they become lesson horses it is important for them to get out and see the big scary world.
This way once it is time for them to be working with their precious cargo they are unflappable so that they are able to bring as many smiles, joy, hope, opportunities for learning and growth as possible.


  1. Wow, Mari has changed from a pretty little foal into a beautious grown up girl!! How lovely! Looking forward to seeing your mom ride her.

  2. Zoe!! GORGEOUS!!!! She so DOES look like a Unicorn!!! Beauty and Brains.....a sparkly curly girl :))))

  3. What a cute and pretty horse! I am sure she will make people happy as a lesson horse!


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