Sunday, February 13, 2011


I had a whole blog post written out and then because I logged out of my email, it logged me out of blogger and the whole thing was lost before it was posted!! Grrr
So here is a slightly revised version because I just don't have it in me right now to redo all of it!
Yesterday we did get out for a ground driving session. We had a reminder first in the control of the bitless which went beautifully. He handled much better this time than last time. Still some work to do but vast improvement. We set out with the goal of proving the beauty of winter and how much fun can be had in the snow with horses. Well that blew up in my face because we had snow squall after snow squall and Linus and I got caught in the thick of one! Was a total white out! And as much as he gave me a look like I was crazy, he was wonderful to buckle down and trudge through it. I like seeing from the ground how he handles these situations. It was pretty wacky weather and he took it all in stride.
Today we had a very good walk and worked on our commands of whoa, backup and space respecting. Linus needs constant reminders about space because he loves to be in your face. He always has. But he's a pretty great boy!


  1. That is a funny picture - is he trying to climb the snowbank? You are much tougher than me - when it snows like that I stay inside!
    Shelly in Summerland, BC Canada

  2. Yes, what IS he doing with that snowbank? He is really fresh, spunky and smart. You are in for a "ride" with him with him testing you a LOT, me-thinks. Just like another certain Curly that I am well-acquainted with....
    But, it will make you a better horseperson and you will certainly never be bored with Linus or outgrow him.

  3. Yes, I should have put all of my comments back in. Linus has a "thing" for snowbanks. The bigger the better. I think he would climb to the top if I let him. When not trying to climb them he actually backs up to them and slides down. It's hilarious!
    You are absolutely right Susan - he tests me for sure. But it keeps me on top of things. I'm glad that along with him being testy he picks everything up so fast.

  4. I have had that happen to me once too that I lost my post and indeed didn't feel like writing it all again.
    Love the pictures, especially Linus playing with the snowbank! You have losts of snow over there. Here the weather is getting more like spring luckily!


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