Sunday, February 27, 2011


We had a gorgeous, clear, sunny and mild afternoon today. Naturally, just beckoning me to get out and play with Linus!! I love it when I head over to his pasture that he canters up to meet me at the gate. He's always so eager to see what we are going to get up to. While I brushed him out he spent time inspecting the old saddle I had brought over. It has been on him numerous times but is still a favourite to play with. Seems it's a good thing to let a horse inspect the saddle before he wears it - so I've been reading anyway! And it seems to help Linus. I've never had an issue putting it on him.
Before we headed out I spent some time walking around his pasture to see how connected or 'joined up' we were. Turns out, very good! He followed me the length and back and even when I did some circles he followed too. He would sometimes catch up and touch his nose to my shoulder.

I love this photo of him....he's growing up....

saddle inspector!!

Today we did go out on the road for a walk. We went up to the West all the way to the end of the road and back. It had been some time since we went that way and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. Linus walked so well today. I don't know if all of our short work lessons helped or he was just happy to be out. Or is it just that he is continuing to mature? But, he walked so pleasantly right beside me with his head lowered to my shoulder....its kinda funny now to think of his head being lowered to my shoulder when it used to be raised to my shoulder!! Youngsters are so much fun!
As we headed up the road there were two young girls out having a walk. One of them lives up the road and the other was her visiting friend. The friend was excited to see a horse coming and when we got closer she said she loved Linus but she was very scared of horses. It was clear that she truly had a love for horses but also clear that she was nervous. Linus got to practice his standing still...he did ok. There were also 2 dogs barking at us. The girl got in some very good rubs and really enjoyed herself. I told her a bit about his breed and she said she liked how smooth he was despite the rest of the breed being curly. Linus is a really good horse to meet if you are scared because he is over the top friendly. She laughed at the fact that she had seen people out walking dogs a lot but never anyone out walking their horse. It was cute, but after I explained she did understand it was good exposure to traffic etc for him.
Linus danced a bit today with traffic but the road was slushy and making a very noisy sound when the cars hit it. He was fine if I turned him around to see them coming. He's so smart.
When we got back I brought him up to see the cows, more so the calves. He thought they were pretty interesting. Then he had some apples and went back to bask in the still strong sun!


  1. Another successful walk for you and Linus! YES! I vote for all the above (all your positive work with him, his maturing, and enjoying the lovely day out with mom!:~) He is doing so well and your consistent, persistent and loving lessons. Linus is looking great....becoming a big boy!! You must be extremely happy with his progress.

  2. To be honest I am blown away by his progress. He has the perfect attitude for being my first youngster to bring on. I agree he is becoming a big boy - he is going to be a bit bigger than we thought, but I definitely don't mind.
    - Donna

  3. How big do you think he is going to be, Donna? Do you prefer the smooth coat? He sure is becoming a looker, and he is definitely one of those Curly "Mr. Personality's." You do such a good job with him.

  4. You do a fantastic job with him and his training and I feel you're a little ahead of me, so it's always informative and you give me good ideas! Keep up the good work!

  5. Wow - you are doing such a wonderful job and he is such a great boy! It is so fun to talk to people about the curlies.

  6. A rough calculation between Lynn and I has us thinking he will finish about 15.2hh - we'll see
    I agree he is handsome under saddle!! I can't wait to be in the saddle!!
    Thanks for the nice comments. They are very encouraging since Linus is the first youngster I have brought on - and needless to say I am LOVING it


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