Sunday, February 6, 2011

Help with Tygs

Today was another beautiful day in the Upper Peninsula! Denise offered to come help me with Tygs and show me a few things she does with Reese and Zig. It was an awesome experience and I hope we can do it again! She showed me a new and better way to put on the halter and she brought her carrot stick and showed me how to work with that! I need to buy one of those! Tygs doesn't care if you drag it over his body but he doesn't like it being swung around on the ground beside him. Definitely need to work on that with him.

She watched me yielding his hind and front and showed me different ways to accomplish that. He's doing well, but we've got a ways to go. She also showed me the next step in teaching him to back up, which I wasn't sure how to teach it to him, but I knew where I wanted to go next with that.

Then we walked the quarter mile trail so she could see what he was doing as far as trying to turn me around and how I'm correcting Tyg. Of course, Tygs didn't do that today! But I never let him get far enough in front to accomplish it either. He is responding to a slight pressure on the rope to back up, so that's helping with that. I didn't snap any pictures, but Denise did on our walk, so maybe she'll share that with us!

All in all it was a positive experience! I want to thank everyone for the positive responses and help. You're a great bunch of people!

Janeen and Tygs from UP of Michigan


  1. Thanks for having me out today, Janeen! I really enjoyed seeing Tygs in his new home turf and seeing how happy, content and relaxed he was! He obviously adores you -- always hanging at the fence line for you to appear out of the house. LOL I loved that. You really didn't need my help, you are doing JUST fabulous on your own. =] It was a gerat sunday afternoon with you two! Here's to a great relationship and watching it grow!

  2. I really think Tygs is beautiful. When I was little I had a toy horse with markings like that and I never thought I would see a real live one! I know what you mean with another person's perspective. Every time I have someone out it always helps. Or even just to watch someone else work gives ideas. Heck even reading on here gives lots of ideas! Congrats, I'm glad you're feeling better about proceeding with Tygs now. I thought you were already doing a great job :)

  3. Tygs is looking very pretty!.
    It is always nice to have an extra pair of eyes and ideas to help you. Keep us posted how good you two are doing, I think you are doing a great job!

  4. Janeen!! What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon...with your equine bff and an equine sista!!! I too adore Mr Tygs beautiful reminds me of silver moon beam..traveling along an inky night sky the moon beam sooooooo only catch glimpses of dark patches!!! In the first pic tho his head is turned...he has an ear on your listening!!! Great job

  5. Janeen, I will just echo what everyone else here says, that you are doing SUCH a fine job with handsome Tygs ~ but ~ having someone else there to bounce ideas with is THE BEST! Denise, awesome of you to visit Janeen!

  6. Hi Janeen,

    Great that you were able to get together with Denise and share ideas about training Tygs. I also like to have someone else come over and share ideas about training.
    I agree with everyone that Tygs looks lovely again!

  7. He is awesome - how big is he? Congratulations on the great job you are doing with him!


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