Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finally back in the saddle!

Well I may not be having such exciting adventures out with nature as the rest of you, but after starting my stallions two years ago and losing a lot of time due to my accident, I am OK with allowing an expert (Mario Contreras) to help me slowly gain my confidence while I build the strength needed to compete on the boys.

I finally made it back to the barn to see Mac and Ahote and the progress they have been making. WOW. I have a long way to go to catch up with them. It will happen, but not in time for the Illinois Horse Fair next weekend. I will be bringing my three stallions to the fair for the breed demonstrations. YIKES....way more work then I ever imagined, but a lot of fun putting together the posters, brochures, displays, etc! Want to see them displayed at their best so, unfortunately (for me) I will not be riding them this time (a real blow to my ego) but the best way to show off their abilities. And considering they will be the only curlies there, I believe it is the right decision.

So after watching Mauricio ride Mac on Friday (and what a pleasure that was as they worked on flying lead changes, counter canters and his intro to passage) it was my turn in the saddle. I am still working thru a pinched nerve in my neck that is causing my right shoulder to arm to finger tips to go numb....which means I am having difficulty feeling contact with him on my right. He has a very sensitive mouth and shows his discontent by throwing his head when you are either heavy handed or drop your contact. Consequently this was a challenge for me, but I was thrilled every time I would make it all the way around the arena (and it is a huge arena) with him on the bit, and without throwing his head in disgust with me. And this day he was heavily salivating and almost seemed to enjoy throwing his white foaming UCK directly back at me if I screwed up....his aim was eerily perfect. Thanks Mac!

We worked mainly at the walk and trot, lots of transitions; trying to get a nice working, collected and extended trot from him. For his size he has surprisingly big movement when asked. I tired long before he did! All in all it was a great day. No riding photos but Mario got this great photo of Mac.

Mario also made this very nice video of Mauricio on Mac (I took the last shots of his bow....which I got to ride last week and WOW again, pretty cool!:~) Enjoy the flick:


  1. I know you are disappointed, but I'm sure you will be so pleased with seeing your stallions strutting their stuff at the fair. Like you said, there is always next year, and meanwhile you can enjoy the incredible gaits they are learning under Mario. Your description of Mac flicking his mouth UCK on you is funny! :)I am looking forward to seeing pictures from the fair.

  2. It must be a disappointment but wouw you got a pretty handsome stallion there and great you bringing him to the fair!
    Good luck on your recovery

  3. What a handsome boy! I wish I could find a good trainer that I trust with my girls, they certainly need some professional training (and so do I), but so far I've been stuck with only myself. Maybe this year ..... Good for you for taking your boys to the Fair! I think its WONDERFUL that curly owners are getting their quality Curlies out to be seen!

  4. Lesly -- you are doing great and most important having fun and improving each time. Don't fret and enjoy yourself. I am proud of you and Chip's grand-babies !!

  5. Wow I just love that picture of Mac, it is soooo beautiful!!
    I also like the video with the bow on the end, so cute!
    Dot't worry too much about not riding yourself. There will be another Fair or another year! It's great that you can have your horses at the fair to promote the breed.

  6. Tillie, I am OK...just being realistic about the whole affair this time out. One advantage of not riding is that I will make certain to get photos at the fair!:~)

    Thank you Marion, it is what it is and I will survive--LOL! Its comforting knowing the stallions will be presented much better than I could currently do.

    Such a nice compliment Michelle! Thank you....I think Mac is rather handsome. I have been thru so many trainers in the past few years and finally ran into a phenomenal group of performer/trainers right in my back yard. You will know when the right one comes the mean time I am sending positive vibes your way for the trainer of your dreams!

    Hay Betsy thanks for the advice! I am trying not to panic, and I guarantee that I will have a good time! Chip should be proud as well. Two of his grand sons and one great grand boy will be strutting their stuff as the only Curlies on the breed exhibition.

    Thank you Jessica....Mario did a great job with that photo session. Of course he had a lot of help with such a photogenic subject! LOL! His bow is pretty cute, isn't it?!? Proud momma here! Yes, I am looking at an entire year to work on becoming the athlete I need to become to show these day at a time, no pressure.!:~)

  7. Gorgeous picture!!! Love the bucksins!! On the bright side at least you are getting out there more and more. Good for you. Before you know it you'll be back in the saddle full time

  8. Thank you Donna....I really appreciate the encouragement from everyone. Life is bright. it's the riding that is moving along much slower than I had anticipated. Thought it would be JUST like riding a bicycle. Surprisingly it was, but only in my mind! LOL! At least that's a good portion of the battle. Now to get the body to cooperate:)

  9. I am so excited for you and can't wait to meet you and the boys at the fair! Yours are so much further along then Theo but someday we might catch up.


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