Friday, February 18, 2011

More Work in the Ring

Yesterday after doing some preparation work to get ready for a fundraiser this weekend for the center then giving a few lessons it was time to sneak in a quick lesson in the ring with Elektra.

For the first little bit she felt like maybe this was not something she wanted to do, especially since another horse was in there and we do not typically exercise with someone else. So a little bit of time was spent reminding her that Yes we are working, No you may not go and do whatever you want. Once she settled in she went really well-my mother has video but sent me a couple of photos for my blog post.

Since our first show is Mother's Day we are working hard to prepare for it. I have a couple specific goals for Elektra this year but all in all I just want to do well and to continue to have her behave as she always does at the show grounds.

We also experimented with something new yesterday but you will have to wait for my mom's blog as she has all the pictures and video from that excursion.


  1. Zoe, is it hard for you to work with a horse that is for sale? You must have to keep it in mind and protect your heart. That is what I do with puppies, I enjoy them but don't allow myself to fall in love with pups that I know are going to homes at 8 weeks.

  2. Love the last pic of you and Electra.....Beautiful team :)


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