Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Curlies, team work and RAC ribbons

Hello everyone, 
Our sweet Curly geldings received their grooming and pedicures for a quick photo op yesterday and wore their RAC Grand Champion ribbons{:>

After ice, then snow it took quite a while to get sparkling clean. (They slept during most of it) Then we snapped a few photos and it turned into a great desensitizing session with ribbons blowing in the breezy Texas wind.

Well, all but Lakota; who still looks like he needs to catch up on his sleep from the "after Super Bowl party" on Sunday night/

Since all our Curly horses and Curly Mustangs stepped up to the plate for 2010 RAC Contest they are all winners in my book....more photos to come after another spa day.
All our best from Golden Curls Ranch
Kaufman, Texas


  1. they look absolutly great with their ribbons.
    Congratiolations again!! great job

  2. Great photos, Angie!! How did the jackets fit? Hope you like them! (BTW, Angie won TWO Grand Champion titles last year for Adult & Ground) Way to go Angie! (& her curly boys!)

  3. Very handsome boys! Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations, Angie! Your rosettes are beautiful, but your horses show them up. :) TWO Grand champion titles? You are such a go-getter.

  5. A couple of great looking horses - congratulations!
    Shelly in Summerland

  6. They look great, congradulations with the ribbons! The weather also looks nice and sunny!

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  8. How flashy :) I love that colours, especially in wintertime!

  9. Congrats Angie, the pictures came out beautiful!!


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