Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wind? Wind Doesn't Bother Us!!!! (anymore)

Windy and cold today! I was bundled to the hilt, but my right hand pointer finger has already worn through my winter riding gloves, and it was busy reminding me of the temperature. We had company again today! |:)
Didder wasn't rattled one single bit because of the wind. Look at how it is blowing that curly mane all over the place. We would have liked to go across the road on those groomed snowmobile trails again, but due to yesterday's thaw, there was dangerous ice preventing the way. So, we headed up Back Street. The wind subsided a bit. We strolled along. Kara and I were busy gabbing. Didder was marvelous today. Of course he wanted to be in the lead, but he was very good about stopping to wait for Alijah. Once Didder let Al pass, and my jaw dropped until I saw that he had the ulterior motive of biting him in the butt. What a fink!

AhD was very pacey today. I trimmed his feet last night, and I saddled him up today in my junky ol' Western saddle for Harold (Harold is laid up right now), and I don't know if either one of those things had anything to do with it. Any suggestions? Maybe Didder knows that I joined us up in the Mainly Gaiters club so we can explore some new trails with some new friends this coming year, so he is brushing up on his Curly shuffle. Oh, speaking of practicing, we started working on our sidepasses in the barn aisle this morning We are very sad at it, but hey, you gotta start somewhere!
Close to home, the wind picked up again and my finger was telling me about the windchill. Didder was still being Mr. Wonderful. I hope he is this good tomorrow!Happy winter trails, fellow RACers!


  1. I'm glad you got out today Susan -- here we had whirlwinds of snow squalls and incredible winds. I know if you let him -- AhD is going to be a regular pacing fool :)

  2. We had similar weather, Betsy, swirling, blowing snow, and the temps dropped 30 degrees within a couple of hours! Worked on fencing again today yanking the rest of it out of the snow. You'll all see why tomorrow!

  3. Susan...It totally made me giggle that Prince Didder was the "man with a plan"....LLLOLLL Your description painted the perfect image of his patience in awaiting his "nip em" opportunity!!! I think you guys are going to do awsome in the Gaiters club!

  4. LOL!!! Thunder always has an ulterior motive too! Must be a "too smart for their own good" gelding thing!


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