Friday, February 11, 2011

Lots of sun and Curls

Although it was very cold today the sun was bright and shining so I made it a triple Curly day.
Still getting over this very bad flu, it is unbelievable what a headstrong bug this is ;-)

First I worked Freedom. Today he got his first experience with a bit. I use a Myler youth bit most horses like this the most. I always used a rope halter or a sidepull. But his teeth are checked and I gave him some more time but now it was time. He was not very happy with it, but after a while he started chewing and playing with it. Then I took him on the trail (walking) and there is a wide open spot in the middle of the wooded area and we did some ground work. Tried to make him give his head while steering and stop and back up. He did wonderful. But I had a hard time on keeping him focused. He was keep on watching where his buddy’s are, but in the end he did what I asked him to do and I ground drive him back, he did a good job on that!

But as soon as we were close to the barn he started to act up again and tried me out big time. So we did some more ground work to make him focus. After that I tied him up at the barn so he learned to be patient and not to be so pushy. He started screaming for help (to Spirit) but no answer…..O yes there came the answer of..Mallie. I left him for awhile and went to get Lydiker. Brushed him walked him picket his feet and he was great as always. Then I went to take Mallie and worked her too. Then I walked all tree of them together that was fun. My husband came and it was photo shoot time.
I feel so blessed with these horses just look at them…………..

Hidden Cave Ranch Kentucky


  1. That is great that you can handle three of them at once - they look to have really wonderful Curly temperaments!
    Shelly in Summerland

  2. Yes I agree with Shelly Marion! I can handle 2 at once as a maximun and even then have the ropes mixed up lol hope your cold gets better soon!

  3. I am impressed as well! I would not be coordinated enough to do this. :)

  4. Yes they are so good. But I have to admit all the horses are good. The other day I had 4 horses to bring to the field and they where not curly :-) I think it is because they are in one heard and just follow?

  5. Being alone on the farm a lot -- I have a talent for leading scads of horses at once. As I get older, I don't like it as much... maybe that's why I am fond of ponies now :) more my size.

  6. Hi Marion, Maybe you have the same flu as we have over here, it takes everyone more then a week to get better!
    I like your picture with all your horses together!

  7. it has been 4 weeks now!!!! can you believe it.


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