Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Heat Wave!

Well this weekend was sure a treat! We had mid 40 temps that melteda good chunk of the snow we received a few weeks back.

I'll do a recap of all the riding since I haven't posted in a while. Sorry it's long!

Theo has been getting a bit of time off here and there because I'm so focused on Abby but I did get to ride him Friday night. We was extremely naughty at first and even bucked! After he realized that was not a good idea he did seem to calm down but was ignoring my legs and trotting around like a giraffe. Needless to say I was getting really fustrated with myself but I tried to relax and not let it bother me and we made some progress. By the end of the night we did a few really nice 18" jumps.
He got Sat. off cause I worked him hard on Friday night but Sunday was another lesson with Natalie. He had another excellent canter with her but wasn't really up for jumping. She did jump him 22 inches which is what she will be doing at the fair so that was good. He was just being really lazy and she isn't strong enough to push him like he needs in those times. I got on him at the end and made him go over so he didn't get away with it.
I rode him yesterday because I think he needs me to ride him more throughout the week or he gets a little sassy. He was Fabulous! so light in my hands moving off my leg. We did some nice cantering at the beginning of our ride and a trotting leg yield! It was a great V-day present from him :-)

Abby is climbing up the list of my all time favorite horses. Saturday and Sunday we rode in the arena cause I'm trying to get her used to alot of others riding by her and keeping her focused. The stallion was in there both times and she only got upset onces cause they cantered RIGHT past us. It was a little close of comfort but he is very green.
Yesterday was the best day I've had a in while. Abby and I rode in the arena some but I could tell she was getting bored so Amelia and I headed for the outdoors to bask in the sun. We rode down the water way which has about 7 inches of snow left. This was Abby's first time being rode outside with another horse (of course she could care less).
We went galloping through the snow for a while and then investigated a spot that usually has tons of turkey's. We saw them running through the woods and decided it was time to leave! Instead of going back we decided to keep riding and went through the back pasture. I got to show Amelia where some of the trails are as we stopped to give the horses a rest. It was so sunny we didn't want to leave but thought it best. Since it was warm the snow was melting and creating little creeks and puddles. I was excited for the oppurtunity to teach Abby to go through water... she just plowed right through it, infact she rutted her nose in them and got her face all muddy! Nothing bothers this girl! Maybe next time I'll feel comfortable taking the camera.

I did get a pic of her and I after the ride (thanks Amelia)

Until next time Theo, Abby and Blaine
Wisconsin, USA


  1. You are also enjoying the nice warm weather we are finally geting despite the deep snow too! Abby is such a beautiful color, I can't wait to see more pictures in future posts!

  2. We had a heat wave on Monday too -- but today is back to brutal temperatures with high winds. Sounds like you had fun with your girl -- plenty of adventures !!

  3. "trotted around like a giraffe" - geez I got a kick out of that! Well, they can't be good ALL the time, can they? Your Abby is beautiful. Sounds like she is really worming her way into your heart.

  4. I liked the giraffe thing too. I also find that the more days I can spend with Linus the more consistent he is and the less likely he is to try and test me. great work

  5. Blaine!!! The Giraffe analogy has me giggling out loud!!!! Tho having never ridden a giraffe..Im getting a clear mental image......ROFLOLLLL!!! Good girl for sticking with it and reading Theo so well!!! *Gotta love the spicy ones* Abby looks so content in the pic...


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