Monday, February 28, 2011

Cody's No Internet Blog

I am posting this for Cody - he doesn't have internet or even good phone service at our ranch in Chandler. Cracks me up the difference between the postings - Mars and Venus:)

Still working on leads and loping with Shaw Mead, Cleopatra, and Justice. I am very conscious about how hard I work them, as they are still young and growing. It is much nicer to work with a well conformed horse while they are learning to balance and carry their rider. All of them are getting leads wrong, changing leads in the front and just generally messing about. It’s all part of the learning experience. At least they are staying soft rather than being stiff as a board. Tonight I will take Justice to team roping practice. It is really good to expose your mount to. It is a scary experience being in the arena when the horses and a steer come charging at you. Once you figure out how to stay out of their way your confidence and your horses grow. By the end of the first practice he was starting to rate the steers that were let loose, (scoring).
Just got back from team roping practice, Justice is still scared in the beginning, however he calms down after working a little and getting his mind on what is going on. He also wants to meet all the horses since he is a stallion. I need to get to the arena before everyone else so I can top him off and get his mind on me. He seems to really enjoy rating the cattle, he is getting faster at picking them up, I do like that he will go right back to his spot and be quiet and calm.
Took May to the chiro wed. She was out in 3 places. Her stifles are sore but getting better. Lunged her today then rode her about 15 min in the roundpen walk and a lite trot.
Worked with Cleo on trotting and lead changes. She is better than Shaw Mead at picking up both leads.
Rode Shaw Mead in the pasture trotting and loping she wants to get back to the herd so I make her work around them rather than letting her rest. Loped her in the roundpen to the right. Had to break her down and start over a lot. She is getting better though.

Went on the black-eyed pea trail ride yesterday at Lake Carl Blackwell with Cleopatra, the ride was three and a half hours first time on these trails however.
1/13/11 Rode Sunshine in the roundpen today just kept her moving and guiding she has only been rode maybe 5 or 6 times she is just a wonderful filly to work with. Rode May in the pasture and roundpen she is loping much better however she is extremely barn sour it will take some time to get that out of her. Shawmead is getting better at picking up her rt. Lead and is trotting beautifully she will be Shown next month at an open show. She is starting to become barn sour also. I guess I need to start hauling them off the property and see if that will solve the problem. Took justice and Cleopatra to the arena and ran poles a couple of times it was a good experience for them.
1/18/11 Rode justice today used him to drive the horses from the front pasture since they didn’t want to put their halters on. After he got the fresh off he was pretty amicable to working in the roundpen. We worked on keeping our pivot foot in the same spot while we did a turn on the forehand. We got our loping and trotting done while we drove the horses.
1/21/11 today was the first day above freezing since Tuesday. Rode sunshine in the roundpen, guiding her, stops, one rein stops, hip over, and even trotted her for the first time, I only moved her up for a few strides since I don’t want to scare her and she is still learning to balance under me and she doesn’t get rode very much since she is only 3 and still developing. I am having problems with the rest of the herd coming to put on their halters because of one alpha mare. I drove them for about 45 minutes before they went into the roundpen after I haltered and tied the others out I used justice to rope her in the roundpen. I’m such a horrible roper I make Billy crystal look like a pro. Justice is a young stallion and thinks if he is chasing a mare he is supposed to mount her. I tied him up and roped her from the ground. I am very proud of Justice for staying put and being solid while I was trying to make my loop and untangle myself. I am left handed and use a RT lay rope with a Honda on the opposite end than what it was originally, it isn’t the best setup but it works…. Kind of.
1/24/11 Rode Sunshine today trotted her worked on up and down transitions, yielding hip, one rein stops, backing.
Rode Cleopatra in the front pasture today worked on trotting, loping, lead changes, since I will be entering in trail class I decided I need to start sharpening her turn on the forehand. I am getting her to keep her pivot foot in place while turning; actually I am working with all of the riding horses on the pivot foot since everyone walks forward or moves laterally.
Took Justice and Shaw mead to the arena and worked on loping trotting and circles. I took a couple of pictures after riding when they were tied, they looked like they were about to fall asleep.
I am also tying Justice out with the mares to socialize him. The girls are pretty good trainers for manners. I usually put the two nastiest mares on either side of him, they sure squeal and kick.
1/26/11 I Rode justice in the pasture checking fence, rating llamas trotting loping. He is a young stallion that has his mind on the ladies but I work him every time he calls for them or misbehaves. He wants to get up to the front quickly so I am also working him harder where he wants to be so he won’t want to be up there with his buddy and the girls.
1/29/11 Rode Cleopatra at bell cow the temp was about 70 degrees we walked most of the way because they have full blankets. Mon thru Fri. is supposed to be in the teens with blowing winds up to 50 with wind-chill of -10. When we got back I had Adena video me riding sunshine in the round pen this is her 4 or 5th ride since I’ve gotten serious about working with her she is pretty steady and even minded I really like her.
2/15/11 Rode Justice today it was close to 70 degrees, was planning to ride to a friends about 5 miles away. Justice was sweating so much that after a couple of miles I decided to turn back when we got home we practiced roping a mailbox for awhile.
2/18/11 Cleopatra walk trot lope. Shawmead same. Sunshine walk outside of roundpen for the first time, still needs a lot of training and desensitizing before ready to trot out in the open.
2/19/11 Cleo and shawmead went to open show today. Adena rode Shawmead in walk trot. I rode cleo in walk trot took 4th, novice western pleasure took 2nd and 2nd in novice trail.
Note: Cody is riding Sunshine in a hakamore that I cushioned with the fleece from a girth cover. I just cut it up and sewed it on the hard rope nose piece and it becomes a really good, soft training halter.


  1. HOLY MOLY Cody.....and I thought I was busy with my curlies!!!! You are doing a great job at meeting your goals with your "kids". Regardless of having no internet and bad phone service, you are simply too busy working curlies to do much int the way of blogging. You are certainly motivating me....OK maybe tiring me a little, but I am OLD! LOL!:~) Great to hear what you are up to and looking forward to your summer of fun!

  2. Super post! I loved reading through it! Lots of different phrases I have never heard, like "topping off" and "rating." It was interesting to read about what your training methods are to solve each individual's problems. You cracked me up with your description of your skill at roping. Post again! :)

  3. Holy cow that's a lot :-) Hope you still got the time to post again, loved reading how and what you did. The curly's on the pic look great (don't know who is who though)

  4. Wow what a lot of information in one post! I liked reading it, so many different things going on. Hope to read more of your work with your horses.

  5. Great work...I too loved the details from the cattle work. I also like the hackamore modifying idea - cool!


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