Thursday, February 10, 2011

Creative Curly Curriculum!!

Greeting's from SnOhiO, Sassy-Girl and Me!!!! 

 Weather....migraines and Sassy's recouperating hock continues to be challenging in creating training opportunities. One of  Barbara Carrol's Jan.  posts had introduced me to The Horse Show with Rick Lamb..(Thanks Barbara!!!) which led me to his blog!!!  In the blog below he is discussing a method of laying across the horses top line and how it seems to have a quite notable relaxation in the horse. Soooo this is a techinque I have decided to work on with Sassy! I am adding a step  not only to lay along her top line...but across her. My migraine condition can cause me to lose consciousness...or temporarily the use of my left side so I think this is a realllllly useful techinque for more that just relaxation...I can use it as a method of desensitization (in the event of an episode...Sassy would be familiar with me in the laying position.....and Hippotherapy for my migraines.  On a couple of occassions I have given a whole new meaning to dizzy blonde even while on horseback!!!!

 Our first attempt went Very well!!! Picts below!!  Another new experience for Sassy is the wearing of shipping boots.  We did wonderfully with the putting on...velcro sounds never phased her....she was in her stall.....and after putting them on..I stepped out ....I am  going to have to practice a bit more on putting them on her...Somehow one slid down..She became a bit concerned when it slipped down ..she circled nervously several times in the stall.... I talked softly to her as she would circle and would click when she would take a few seconds of calm.  I reentered the stall and after a few more turns...and a couple of  "Was this necessary' snorts.... she walked over.and just stood still..I reinforced....then removed the slipped boot.  She turned and watched...but remained calm.  We then rolled her big green smily ball back and forth......and then introduced a white trash bag full of metal sounds!!! She wasnt really thrilled with the bag at first...but curiosity got the curly and she did play with it some! 

Below ..  I would start out doing a modified  the "dead man " pose across her feet are dangling.... *gotta get my photog trained better..LLOLLL* Sassy was rather interested in what the heck I was doing now....LLOLL but stood pretty still. 
                Training Idea from :  Rick Lamb: The Horse Show Blog: Touching a horse: 
Here we go Babygirl!!!

Across the midline .torso raised feet dangling

Could have slept there awhile!!!!

Laying parallel with the midline 

Thanking Sassy for working with patience, trust and heart!!

Sassy and Krissy Horsey Hugs for all our Curly Family around the world from Sno-Ohio!!!! 


  1. That is what I do when I start training a horse. I like to get them used to the pressure and then once I get on and know they are safe I lay all over them. It's great for desensitizing!

  2. Krissy,
    I love how you make learning fun{:> Keep up the good work. Angie

  3. That is a really beautiful horse! Glad she is good headache medicine - seems horses can soon all kinds of aches!
    Shelly in Summerland, BC Canada

  4. The smile on your face in the photo that says "Best Migraine Medicine Ever" is so beautiful!! Tell your photographer to also get the horse's face next time, and that picture would be a total WINNER! Although I couldn't really tell in the pictures, I gather from your description that you were laying "dead man" on her the long way-- "along her top line?" That's a new position for laying on a horse that I don't think I've tried... I think I will, and see what Bailey thinks. Thanks! Horses ARE the best medicine for what ever ails you. I am SURE of that! Laurie in Maine

  5. Those pictures are so cute. A horse is always so comfortable and warm to lay on! Great if she can help you with your migraines! I always find that riding a horse helps me when I have a sore stomach:) I agree with Shelly and Laury that horses can probably cure all kinds of things and make us feel better!

  6. Oh I love the pics and the smiles both of you and Sassy (YES, she smiles as well!) How much fun is this? And what a training effect for both of you lol.


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