Monday, February 21, 2011

Easing back

Got over the last bad spell of migraines and walked right into the nastiest cold I've ever had for the past week. Wow, did it ever take the wind out of my sails. Today was the first day I felt up to a whole lot so I spent some time with Linus - of course!
Here he is showing he CAN stand nice and patient. Conditions were excellent for basking in the sun though since I tied him to the trailer out of the wind and the sun was both beating on us and reflecting off the trailer. He of course had to stand in a hole making his current downhill profile look that much better! I can't believe it but he is going through yet another growth spurt.

When I went out to greet Linus and begin working with him he was lying down enjoying the sun. He made no move to get up so I sat down with him and we enjoyed some quiet time. Last year in the mini challenge we had to halter from our knees...I thought of this as I haltered Linus while sitting on the ground beside him!! Even once haltered he still didn't get up. So, I continued to sit with him enjoying the peace and quiet. He finally decided he was ready to do some work and got up. I brought him over to the trailer because I wanted him to practice being tied and standing patiently.

I should also mention that Mac, the bull, has temporarily moved into the outdoor round pen where Linus was staying up by the barn. The cows have started calving, the barn is full while we bring them in as they are due and I didn't really want Linus living indoors all day. For one, he would climb the walls! And I believe he is healthier outside too.
We had a nice long grooming session today. I love that he has so much tail to brush. Mickey, the Qh I had growing up, had a horribly thick and wiry tail that permanently stayed in long cords no matter how often you brushed it out. Linus thoroughly enjoyed his brushing and did well at my reminders to "stand". He also was a very good boy again today for his feet.
I think he was surprised when I untied him that we didn't head up the driveway but instead stayed around the barn yard and worked on our close handling. We practised whoa, back up and move over. I was pleased to see him whoa and back up without anything more than the verbal command. Move over threw him off a bit but it did click for him.
Hopefully soon we can have a good, long walk!


  1. Bad colds/the flu is all around us here in Maine. I just brought one of my brothers chicken soup tonight. Linus looks so contented lying down. He must trust you a lot to want you to join him. Sending healing thoughts your way.

  2. Very sweet picture! It is so cute when they lay down and start eating lol.

  3. It seems that nasty flu/ cold is travelling the world! We also have it here in the Netherlands. glad that you are feeling better.
    It is so cte that you can sit with Linus while he is lying down. I have not managed this with Voelie yet, maybe it will come.
    His tail looks very nice and well groomed by the way:)

  4. Donna, sorry to hear that you were down and out for a bit...there has been a lot of nasty bugs around this winter. I'll guess that sitting with Linus, enjoying some quiet time together on a sunny day did wonders for your psyche! I thoroughly enjoy that kind of time with my horses. I love Linus and his laid back attitude!:~) Also love that look in his eye as he is tied to the a child saying "OK mom are we done (with the standing still part) yet?" LOL. Great lesson for him that will only pay off in the long run.

  5. Glad you are feeling better Donna! Linus looks so sweet!! Love the pic of him lying there with his halter on!!


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