Saturday, February 12, 2011

So much for not having an eventful ride!!!

Hello again!

First of all I'd like to say...I have NINE days off of school!!!! (It's my reading week break :):):) ) and am hoping to ride everyday if I can!...Anyways, yesterday, as you all know already, my mum and I went for a trail ride. We ended up going for two hours to what we call the lookout. Basically it overlooks Okanagan Lake and is a beautiful view!

I rode Bijou and mum rode Tessa. And I must say, it was an eventful ride! Along the way back we were riding along a hill under a tree. Which, thinking about it now wasn't such a great idea. I mean, snow from the tree melting off would make a slick surface surrounding the tree underneath. But, we did it anyways and it resulted from Tessa slipping! All four feet slid out from under Tessa and she fell down. Fortunately she didn't land on mum, all mum did had to do was step off. Honestly I think it freaked me out more than it did my mother LOL.

Anywho, there are the pictures from the ride! Since I was the one with the camera chip, I get to post the pictures :)

I never really noticed it before but mum likes to
gesture a lot when she's talking ...LOL see? -->

And here?

LOL...sorry mum!

And this was right before Tessa fell down. Thank goodness neither of them got hurt!!! By the way, see the trees???

Thanks for reading everyone! Like I said, I'm hoping to ride a lot over the next nine days! (and hoping to blog lots too :) )
Summerland, British Columbia


  1. I love te gesture photos. I know both my mother and I gesture a ton when we are talking away so I have a bunch of pictures with her silly arm motion and I am sure she has a ton of me because I am always using my hands to talk.

  2. I think you two resemble me and my daughter an awful lot !!! if that's true -- then you must have a lot of fun together :) And we gesture so much.. I think our horses are starting to do it too.

  3. I don't think its possible to talk without your hands!

  4. Love the picts with the water in the background! What a beautiful backdrop for a ride!!! Glad nobody got hurt in the fall!!!

  5. Good that nothing bad happened! The beautiful a snowride is, it can be tricky with all the ice ...

  6. Great to have some days off school and being able to go for extra riding! I always love your pictures, the views are really great!

  7. Thanks for all your great comments :)

    Zoe and Besty: My mum and I were just talking about how we are so similar! We also said that if there wa a pairs competition that we would have competition from you two! LOL


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