Saturday, February 26, 2011

Freakin' COLD!!

But of course, being Saturday morning Didder and I had a standing riding date with Kara and Ally, so off we went!
I must have had a brain fart, because I did not dress properly for the cold. Only regular jeans, no long johns, and only one pair of socks. Luckily, I grabbed my 2010 Curly vest at the last minute, and it kept the biting wind from reaching my midsection. The sun was absolutely beautiful! Blue sky, almost blinding white snow from yesterday’s storm. The first time I asked AhD to speed up, he went right into his ambling gait instead of a trot! FUN!

Kara and I like to inspect the wildlife sign, and over the last few weekends, we would stop when we would notice a “deer highway” crossing the road or trail. AhD is so smart, that now he will stop when he passes a deer path, so we can look it over. The scent must have been strong today because he sniffed the path and then stuck his nose in the air and raised his lip.

I am frozen, but it was so worth it. Great ride, and if I get out tomorrow I will be sure to wear my flannel lined jeans and an extra pair of socks.

~Susan and AhD in Maine~


  1. brr it looks cold. But it looks you had fun anyway. Hope spring is coming soon for you guys.

  2. As cold as it is, I love getting out in the snow!! I was thinking today as we were trudging through the crusty snow how good it is for conditioning...both of us!

  3. Silly Tilleeeeeee...but tough as nails! Next time, as excited as you may be to get out on the trails with your beloved Didder, remember the long johns! LOL. What a beautiful day to (as cold as it was) to try an ambling gait...only to get so excited as to forget the biting cold. Sweet!!!!

  4. What a nice ride! I just LOVE the blue skies after a snow! We had a couple of inches last night, and the sun is really bright this morning, I love it! BUT -- we had rain the other day, inches of rain, and now its probably a foot of ice under a few inches of snow. "'Tis not safe for man nor beast out there!"

  5. So do you know what gaiting he is doing? Iam just learning the gaits that Abby can do. She is very multi-gaited so it's been hard to learn them.


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