Friday, February 18, 2011

We finally had several nice days in a row! Spring here we come!! But they are talking rain and a little bit of snow yet for the weekend. But none the least I was able to take a break from chores one evening and climbed on top of good old Larry and road bareback around the pastures a little bit. The ridding itch was just there!! I didn't notice this until I took a closer look at the photos but Larry's white belly band almost makes it look like I am riding in a bare back pad! I just thought that was so awesome. I love how you can also see his curly mane blowing up in the breeze. He is such a laid back guy and so quiet that we had a wonderful ride that evening. We are going to be battling with the ice, water, and mud here pretty soon and that really limits things just as really cold temperatures do. Living right along a really busy highway also makes it difficult not even to be able to road ride. But summer will be upon us shortly! Hope everyone out there has a wonderful warm weekend.

Dana, Larry, & Marley. Minnesota


  1. We've got rain coming too - darn. You are right -- that white mark looks just like a bareback
    pad ! Larry looks like a great guy.

  2. Larry is quite handsome. Gotta love those laid-back types. Do you generally trailer out to ride, then?

  3. Great picture indeed, love the Curly mane!
    We also just had a few days of nice weather and now it's back to cold weather so it's not quite spring yet. Hope your weather warms up soon!

  4. Footing is a huge issue here now that some thawing has finally set in....Mud ... mud and more mud!!! Larry is quite handsome :)


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