Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I want to be the leader

Today was a good day for Tygs and I. I started out by setting up different objects in the yard to see how he would react when we walked by. He did very good, as you can see. He immediately checked them out to see what they were and didn't show any hesitation.

After that we took a walk around the quarter mile trail. He walked right past the flock of turkeys without any hesitation.
Today went better, but once we were headed back to the house he kept trying to get way ahead and wasn't responding to my gentle tugs. So after I got frustrated with him walking me, I started taking the excess lead rope and gently swinging it toward his chest. That woke him up and he did better from then on. Whew! My arm was getting really tired. After we got back we worked on him responding to pressure and everything went really well. He isn't trying to "rub" my hands away as much any more either, so I feel that's going much better. Last Friday the farrier came and he acted as a gentleman should. It just so happens that it's the same farrier he had, so it was an old friend. The cat behaved much better today also. I've attached a picture I took Sunday when the cat was racing around and startling him. All in all, a much better day than Sunday!

Janeen and Tygs in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan


  1. This is GREAT, Janeen! This is something I would do. LOL. Always fun to see how or if they will react to scary things we try to introduce. I think it's says alot that he is more curious than afraid of those strange things. What fun! Way to go in correcting his rush back home....continuing to do things after you got back is also GREAT! Good job!

  2. I like your obstacle course Janeen! And it is great that he is not affraid of these things, such a cool horse!

  3. Look at him biting that cone! Too cute! So glad you got out again to defend your Leader title with Tygs. I bet he is going to be an awesome riding horse by spring. I look forward to hearing about your adventures with him.

  4. Sounds awesome Janeen. Tygs is getting so much more confident. Aren't obstacle courses great - leave you with such high after getting through!


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