Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our ride on 01-29-2011 because it was 34 degrees!!

It was snowing a quiet "mood snow" when we started out, and it was quiet and the smell of woodsmoke was in the air. We tried to do some "Bulldozing" through the snow in our neighbor's orchard, where at one point, Dream found herself in a spot where the snow was suddenly up to her chest, and my stirrups were resting on the top of the snow. She really was not too thrilled to have herself encased in snow, and to have me ask her to stop her forward momentum and stand still for me in chest deep snow so that I could play with the camera, but we managed, finally! It isn't "attractive" when you have to listen to me grumping at my horse to stand still. She wants to GO! If I'm in the saddle, she feels she should be moving forward. You might think this means she missed the lessons for proper mounting etiquette-- NOPE! In 2008 when she was being shown, she could halt at 'X' for Rachel to salute the dressage at the beginning and end of each dressage test. So, her "itchiness" to move on out on trail rides is an annoying aberration. I suppose I could have the opposite problem, and be much more irritated that she would only poke along and constantly had to be prodded!

We went for a long ride down our road and onto the connecting one, which my husband clocked at three miles. For not having been able to ride too much this year this was the longest ride we've enjoyed since the weather was much warmer! It is dwarfed by comparison to the rides that Zoe and Betsy do! It was all on the road because the snow is too deep on our favorite off-road rides!

This bit of video is from the end of the ride.
Laurie in Maine


  1. Laurie,
    Great to see you and Dream getting out and enjoying yourself. It has been cold and snowy making riding difficult. The best thing I have found so far to keep warm is under armour, even in glove form.

  2. Laurie, you can tell how much Dream loves you by her expression. She is beautiful, and I love your tack. I think three miles is a nice ride for this time of year, especially if you ride alone like we do. It gets you out and about and gives you that refreshed feeling.

  3. Great video, I love how quiet and relaxed Dream is and I like it when she follows the camera with her head! She looks great!
    It does look really cold! We are lucky that it was almost like spring here today in the Netherlands!

  4. Such a beauty and it must be sooo cool to ride in the muffled sound of the snow. I keep wondering why we don't do that here????


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