Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finally!!! Out With My Girl Today

Miss Demeanor and I finally made it out for a ride today. I think we both have been feeling a bit of "cabin fever" - so today felt extra special for the both of us. It was warm, sunny, and beautiful.

* * *

The snow is still quite deep and paths are very icy - so we stuck to the road today. We stayed out for about 2 hours - and neither one of us really felt the need to return in a hurry - which is unusual for Deams. (She is usually very excited to return home)

I really feel the need to comment on Miss D's hooves. I have been using a barefoot trimmer for the last 8 months - and I have to say - the difference in her hooves and my ride is unbelievable. In the past I used a regular farrier and just kept her shoeless. Although her hooves were "okay" she was very "ouchy" when walking on rocky roads. The difference now, is truly remarkable. Today, she travelled across those stones without the slightest flinch or stumble.

It may be hard to tell from the photo - but her frog is so healthy. The frog provides cushioning and stimulates new growth in the hoof - it's amazing!

I know that we bloggers are all about promoting the curlies - and earning points ... and this conversation may seem off topic.

The truth is... curlies have good hooves - barefoot trimming makes them extraordinary! It has truly made a difference in getting out - riding - and the quality of our rides. It is really worth seeking out a true barefoot trimmer.


  1. I agree - the curlies do have exceptional hooves and it is worth it to keep them natural. People around here keep telling me that I need to shoe Bruce to ride on some of the trails in eastern Oklahoma, but I think I am going to try boots. They are expensive and I want to buy the right ones.

  2. Deb! Glad you guys got to get out!! Im going a bit stir crazy here...I think there amazing hooves are a huge promotion point for our breed. KAllie-girl and Sassy are both barefoot!!

  3. Deb-I am little envious of your ride. I agree about the hooves. I have almost always ridden without any shoes although I am thinking to get Teasel some easy boot gloves. The amount of riding I do on him he seems to need something for his feet but we may travel 40 miles in a day.

  4. I recently read a very good article about barefoot trimming. Nice to hear other feedback on it too. Sounds like a great ride!

  5. I have to say - I didn't buy into it at first ...

    When I spoke to the farrier I had about it - he said it did differ from what he was doing....

    Well, he was wrong.... it took several trims - but the difference is night and day.

    Deb M & Miss Demeanor

  6. I totally agree, I had my horse in the Netherlands already trimmed by a barefoot practioner and it was hard to find one in KY. he said he had never seen such good feed as Freedoms. Unfortunately he is not coming anymore he is too far and the gas price is too high.
    All our (14) horses curly and non curly are barefoot and doing great.

  7. Hello Deb! Looked like a great day for Deams and you to get out and have a relaxing wonder she was in no hurry to return home!:~) Well, that and her wonderfully comfy hooves. I love hearing that others choose to keep their curlies barefoot trimmed and they are doing well.

  8. Great that you were able to have a great ride. I also have a farrier that does the barefoot trimming. It has allways worked great for me and he always comments on how good Voelie's hooves are.

  9. Deb -- glad you got out.. and the trimming. I have been searching for a good 'barefoot' trimmer here in our area. I have a friend who does a great job herself -- and I suppose I could learn BUT I feel too old to be bending under so many horses. The hooves look great --

  10. All my horses are barefoot as well. It was so funny lately. The ferrier needed to sharpen the knife every 2 cuts because the hooves of Tornado are like stones lol. Wonderful wonderful pictures again!

  11. Nice ride, Deb, and her feet are beautiful! What nice, fat robust frogs, I love them! I keep all my horses barefoot, always have. Curlies and non-curlies alike. I used to use a regular farrier and had more hoof trouble with LTLH syndrome (long toe, low heel). With the proper trimming, their feet are gorgeous! I also trim myself, Betsy. Its not as hard as you might think. I don't do it very often nowadays because I have some low back issues that keeps throwing it out. But if you have a decent back, I would be more than happy to teach you! You can even do it sitting down on a bucket (depending on the horse).


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