Monday, February 14, 2011

Sun!!! Glorious Sun!!!

Finally the sun is out the temps are warm and we are able to ride. After weeks of single digit weather with winds at 10 or 15 mph today's beautiful weather was so welcome-temps close to 50!!! My mom and I headed out with OYY Elektra and Keri after some debate on where we would be going. For something different we headed down into the town of Chester and around the back roads to Springfield again. We ended up doing a large circle. It was an absolutely perfect day to be in the saddle. The sun beating down on our backs, our horses strolling along enjoying themselves led to a great way to start the week and celebrate Valentine's Day.

For the first few miles I didn't take a lot pictures-not a lot of room on the memory card and the views have been seen so many times. I did snap one going down over to the crow hill farm only because I think it is so pretty looking out over the mountains. It is not the best picture and the sun is not out in full force yet as it is still early.

The sun pushing through the clouds.

Once into Chester the sun was in full force and even the wind was warm rather than the cold we were used to. It felt so great to be warm rather than worrying about freezing toes and fingers.

Along the way I snapped a few pictures some of my mom with her fancy new vest(we get to match now when we are out riding together) and one of Keri's pretty head.

We strolled and trotted down Green Mountain Turnpike enjoying the warmth and all the melting. Gabbing away about all sorts of stuff and just truly enjoying ourselves.

As we round the corner towards Rockingham we need to pass a large and I mean large dairy farm-I think they have around 800 head of cattle all hanging out in buildings right along the road. We always want to get pictures to show everyone how scary this place is with all the rattling cows, some hidden but making noise, and that full cow smell but we really want to be completely ready just in case. The horses are always great for it but you never know, we have had a few cow scares and it stays with you.

Once past the horse eating cows we head up Whitney RD, which is a classic rural back road, big old maple trees lining it, incredible view from the top, and all in all very rustic.
I love this picture of the lone maple. If I had my mother's ability with photo editing I could get rid of the power lines but it still touches me. Trees are a big symbol for me-I have a tattoo of one on the back of my neck for the tree of life. I try hard to live by what it means to me-staying rooted in my beliefs but always willing to learn, grow and branch out to try new things.

From there we trot down to the highway and head up over Lacross rd to home. Elektra sometimes I think does not have a great sense of direction-as we were coming down the hill she kept stopping and staring at the farm like it was somewhere familiar but she wasn't quite sure.

View of the farm in the distance with Elektra looking to see if anything she recognizes, silly girl.

Tomorrow-meetings, lessons, and hopefully a little ring time. I have plans to get out on Teasel this week as I have been missing him. Need to gear him up for a big adventure.


  1. You two are so awesome. Its so nice that you and your mom are so close and get to share this time together. My Dad and I are very close like that too. I quilt with my Mom so that we get our shared time too. Your scenery is beautiful!!

  2. Yes, Zoe, you and your mom are so blessed to be able to share in what you love!
    I bet The Stealth Man is going to be jealous....
    I absolutely love your tree tatoo. It is beautiful.


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