Monday, February 7, 2011

A ride because it was sunny and 40!

Today was sunny and 40 outside. We got another storm last night that turned to rain and sleet part way through, so the trees were all icy and snow laden. At one point in our ride when the wind came up and it was all suddenly falling off the trees, Dream was swishing her tail and grunting, not liking all of the falling debris, or thinking it was me doing it! One big plop got my glasses which required a major clean up. Riding glasses should be self-cleaning.

Today I didn't even try any of our off road trails because we ended up in a chest deep spot before, and we have had 2 more storms since then. We just did the same 3 mile ride down the road and back that we did on 01/29/11.

Most of you do editing to your videos, I'm sure, but I am going to post this one as it is because this little camera's slim design makes it very hard to hold onto at times. I have learned that the easiest way to turn it on is with my teeth. But this time it promptly slipped from my gloved hand AND hit the record button on the way down! Rest assured that I was not upside down!

The total amount of video I can upload is relatively small so while I've got several clips from each ride, I have to pick one or two that will fit, or else I've learned, the second one doesn't upload.

SO, is everyone sick of horses in snow pictures yet?? :-) I'm already for this winter to be over, and up here the weathermen like to "remind" us that "March is a winter month." Boo!

Laurie and Dream


  1. WHOOOOO-EEEE! That upside down view was like a carnival ride! And,like you, I cannot edit my video, oops! I am a little jealous because I was sitting in my office doing our taxes while you were riding. I did get out for a short and very sweet ride in the late afternoon. It was def not 40 degrees though.

  2. Awww...she seems so relaxed and happy. I LOVED the upside down video there, Laurie! =] So funny. Quite entertaining! And grass will be nice to see. I am not totally sick of the snow YEt...but soon! =] Thanks for posting..GO Laurie and Dream!

  3. Anyone have any good programs out there that can edit vids? I am so totally clueless, but have a lot of video..... What a great horse!

  4. Love it!! My goal for this year is to get at LEAST 1 video on here. I will either need some sort of chip for my phone so I can transfer them or to get a cheap camera for the RAC


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