Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just Bijou and I

First of all, I think it's great that so many people are blogging! I can hardly keep up!!!

Anyways, on Friday when I got home from school, I took Bijou out for a short ride. My mum, as you all already know, is quite sick so she opted not to go. However, I'm glad that I went out because I had a great ride. :)

When I went out I decided to bring the camera with me and was determined to take a picture of myself using the self-timer mode. If any of you have ever tried this, it is not an easy thing to do! You only have 10 seconds to press the button and then race in front of the camera, smile and look pretty. Again, not easy. However, I have found (if any of you are going to try LOL) that it is much harder to press button --> mount (you can only take about 5 seconds), and then ---> race in front of the camera with the rest of the 5 seconds (all the while making your horse stand still to take the picture and of course smile!!!). Instead, it is MUCH MUCH easier to find something to put the camera on while you are still on your horse and then press button --> ride in front of the camera-->smile and look pretty.

Anyways, here is my first attempt!
As you can see, it didn't work out so well...

So I tried again, but then the flash
buggered up the picture...

And finally, I figured it out! I found this perfectly sized rock (not too big, not too small).....

and TA DA!!!!

All in all, it was a fun adventure :) I'm hoping to go riding today too, but we will just have to see....

Thanks for reading,
Summerland, British Columbia


  1. Anastasia, you are too cute! Love the post. Thanks for the tip on the self-timer. You can bet that I'll be trying it in the future.

  2. I totally agree - too cute!! I love it! I just discovered where the timer is on my camera so maybe not ALL of my pics will be from my cell phone this year!

  3. hihi yes very cute love the pictures, and you both look happy together!

  4. This was awesome Anastasia!! I know exactly how you feel about trying to get the perfect pic using the timer! You did a super job. I had to laugh because I know how exhausting it can be. lol. thanks for posting!

  5. LLOLL!! Great Job on getting the Pictures done Anastasia!!! Bijou looked like he was enjoying getting his profile taken!!! Love it when a ingenuity turns out a great result~

  6. We have had some hilarious times with the self timer of riders hanging off their horses trying to get into the picture LOL!
    Anastasia DID find the perfect rock - that is where she and I went the NEXT day - look at the photos of the two of us with our horses on my post and compare it to the one on this post LOLOL - I had a good giggle about this!

    Krissy..... Bijou is a girl! She is a momma horse three times over :) "Bijou" in french means "pearl".
    Shelly in Summerland

  7. I always thought Bijou meant GEM -- which your mare certainly is !! I wanted to try the timer thing since denise's photo around Christmas time -- kept forgetting.. now with Anastasia's "Guide to self-portrait on the trail" I am definitely going to next time out. :)

  8. Duh - of course it means JEWEL LOL. Long story why I wrote "pearl" instead of "jewel".
    Shelly (in bilingual Canada) LOL

  9. Great story! The result in the last picture is great. Indeed a good tip on the self timer! Bijou looks so lovely, I think she is gorgeous!

  10. That is hysterical! You are a champ - I would think that was a really slippery rock:)

  11. Jou did perfect Anastasia! Such a nice couple, you and Bijou! And a very scenic landscape!


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