Saturday, February 5, 2011

Curly Couture Educates...

Happpppppy Saturday my fellow curly enthusiasts!!!
Weather is still a lil insane here....and we are expecting more inclement weather.  I decided yesterday and today to show off my curly attire. 
Pink Sweat ...Cart...and Curly Loving Blonde
Yesterday...faced with grocery shopping..... I chose to wear the "Incredible Curly" pink button sweatshirt...Promptly took my jacket off upon entering the  and we were not fully down the first aisle when a gentleman stopped me and asked me what a curly horse was.  As I was explaining...two ladies stopped and were listening intently!! *Yes there I was....creating traffic jams in one of Wal-marts aisle's...but all for my beloved Curlies*  I finished my shopping and was checking out....the lady behind the counter is looking at my sweatshirt...and you have horses....and I replied yes..I have Curlies......she says she's never heard of that..and I explain.  They are bagging my purchases...and my back is to the lady behind me when she says to me.."does the horse on your shirt have curls?" I said yes ma'am horses in person have curls... she says....DO you USE A curling iron on its hair??? LLOLL ...would appear that some need a little more info than others....LLOLL

Grey long sleeve T

Today ...The choice of attire was the  RAC grey long sleeved T...which got ALOT of comments and ALOT of questions when  I took one of my pomeranians to the vet. Several of the vet techs and other patrons had not heard of our beloved breed....and one of the younger vets was very interested.  

Wear those Curly Clothes....I was truly surprised over the last two days how  many were "reading" my back!!! LLOLLL
Horsey Hugs
Sassy and Krissy in Ooo Sooo Cold Ohioooo
This is one of my fav pics of Sassy and me


  1. You have the most amazing b & w pictures....I did grocery shopping today in my Curly hoodie too!! I've yet to wear them out and not be noticed. Last week I even wore the RAC tee to my Zumba class and it got noticed there too!

  2. Great promoting, Krissy! Although right now this does not count towards your RAC points, there will be something in the upcoming MINI contests where it WILL count. So may as well get into the habit, eh? =]

    The lady at the Post office always asks more and more about curly horses as she sees me coming in with boxes/packages etc. going to ALL OVER the world for the RAC. Next time I told her I would bring in some pics. =]

    It's a hoot to talk about the breed..they are UNLIKE any horse out there! Great job!

  3. OK - now I have to order a hoodie for myself :)

  4. hihi ain't those sweaters great. I wear one last time we took my parents out for diner. Lot of people where checking my back haha

  5. Wow Krissy, what a good idea, great pictures too. I always love to talk about Curlies and this looks like a great way to start a conversation about them! Good promotion! I was waiting for warmer weather to wear my Curly shirts outside while working with my horse but I think now I should wear them at more places!

  6. I do love tha last picture, It is so pretty you could have it framed to put in your home!

  7. OOOOH, I can tell who is the next Promoting Queen! I love my Curly attire and wear it to WalMart and Hannaford on a regular basis.

  8. Super promo tour Krissy :) Yeah, spread the word!


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