Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gentle giant

Today I took my eldest son Evan (4 years old) along to Voelie. He came along very often last summer and has claimed Voelie as 'his horse' :) lol
With all the cold weather in the winter he hasn't been there often anymore, now was the first time in over two months for him. He helped me feed Voelie and muck out the field (he has his own smaller fork for mucking out, really cute:). The he came along to 'play' with Voelie. This is always a very intensive excersise for me because I am both watching Voelie and Evan and both still need to learn a lot! Somehow Voelie is really drawn to Evan but she does get a little to close and does not realise she is a giant (a gentle one:) and has to be carefull with him. Evan needs to learn how to act around horses (no jumping etc. he is quite active and loves yo jump and run around) so it was a double lesson. Together we picked up Voelies feet and did some following games in the field. Evan also took a picture of me with Voelie but it is on my phone and I cannot get it off unfortunatly so I cannot post it here. It was a really nice afternoon and some quality time together with my son and horse!

I have noticed that Voelie is getting a bit too exited lately when I bring her food. She tries to push me aside so I was quite firm about that today. I will have to watch this the coming days to make sure it does not get worse and I teach her to wait quieltly for her food.


  1. You must have had your hands full, but I can just picture both of you out there mucking together.....

  2. that sounds so sweet! I don't have kids unfortunatly, but I love to see them learning about horses and see how some kids are so excited and happy with the horses. My friend her has a 4 year old grandson and I spend a lot of time with him too and his pony..he said to his mother I was his girl aint that cute hihi
    It is good you take him and learn Voelie and Evan to be together, but I can imagine it is very excausting watching both.

  3. It is always amazing to see how horses and kids do together. I guess since kids have not learned yet to play roles, they interact much more naturally with the horses and make it easy for horses to know what they want :)