Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lovely ride today

Anastasia and I took Bijou and Tessa out for a ride today - the weather was mild and even though I have had a truly nasty cold I decided it was time to get out there again!  We took the camera and set the self timer - what a hoot LOL!
I have to say that I was very well pleased with Tessa!  She has been such a bundle of nerves since I have restarted her after having her foal, but as I blogged recently, I am spending some time with lunging and back to basics with her in the indoor arena and it is paying off very well.  Today she was calm and quiet and we had a really great time.  I let her have a few snacks along the way - here she is with some:
 But it turned out to be a bit too much for her so I took some out

See it in my hand? LOL.
Did you notice the bright red hoodie I am wearing?  Yep it is my RAC stuff that arrived last week!
I look like I am dressed for Christmas with all the red and green LOL.
Not much else to report, but we did have a really nice ride, the footing was good and the snow is melting - bring on the spring!
Here are the girls enjoying a snack after our "big" ride!
Shelly in Summerland, BC Canada!


  1. I have a hoodie just like that! I love mine. Comfy, hardy and washable. Your views are stunning, as usual. I am glad you are back on the blog because I always enjoy your posts. Sorry to hear about your cold; put the Airborn right to you!

  2. Glad you got out Shelly and Anastasia... I am a bit envious of your melting snow. yesterday we had a near white out and last night -- would you believe Lightening !! Crazy winter -

  3. Great picture with the self timer, I always find it hard to get it just right!
    Hope your cold is better soon!
    Tessa looks like a typical Curly getting some snacks along the way!

  4. I can't believe you are riding with just a hoodie on in FEB in BC! That's incredible! What strange weather we are having, eh? Love it on you..great color! Tessa is so cute..loved those pictures.

  5. i can't believe you are out riding in a hoodie either! It was pretty close to that here yesterday but still too damp! We have WAY more snow in Ontario! Looks like you had a great ride! I hope you get rid of your cold fast - always a hard thing to do around melting time

  6. Oh Shelly such a great story and such wonderful pictures again! I simply love your yummy hay! Everyone, both horses and humans, look so happy ... so much fun!

  7. Hi Shelly, hope you're feeling better soon! Anonymous from Winnipeg (LOL)!

  8. Anonymous! You can put your name, you Curly RAC'er wanna be LOL.

  9. Okay! Yes, I am a Curly RAC'er wanna be! Ginette

  10. I refuse the hoodie - cold weather go away! Thank you for your beautiful blog!


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