Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Punxsutawney Phil - Early Spring???

Is there any value in knowing that Punxsutawney Phil claims we'll have an early spring?

Another day off from school - will I ever get to have a summer vacation- UGGH!
It's actually too deep to ride on the trails at this point - so we kept to the roads today.
Went out for short ride - just to get out. It's dangerous with slippery roads, plow trucks, and no place to get out of the way....

I was also little worried about leaving Lakota by himself for too long - I didn't want him running around - he's still recovering from his nasty boo-boo. (You can check out my facebook for details about that :-(


  1. Great picture!!! So much snow. I hope Lakota gets better soon :)

  2. very nice pic!. Good luck to lakota hope he is better soon.

  3. Love the Pict Deb!!Going a lil stir crazy here!!! How much snow did you get?? We had sixty mph winds here in Ohio! I hope Lakota is doing ok! I requested you as a friend on FB ...facebook name =(Krista Marie).
    Stay warm my friend!

  4. Wow what a cool picture, indeed lots of snow! Hope the weather gets better for riding and that Lakota gets well soon!

  5. Ha, Ha, ABSOLUTELY NOT!! (regarding Groundhog Day), and yes, now that we are stuck to riding the roads, snowplows are the bane of our riding existence. There is nowhere to go except to get stuck in a snowbank! Hope Lakota's nasty cut heals quickly; how did he get that, anyway?

  6. What a cutie Deb! Yeah it can really be dangerous to ride when there is so much snow, especially when you are living in the mountains! Hope Lakota recovers soon!


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