Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blustery day BLING

Putting Sassy's Bling Necklance on

 WOW...did we get some wind going on today.  In my area we had thirty to sixty mph winds. Sassy is an equine unit blessed with an ACUTE awareness to her world.  I decided that with the wind being so forceful.....and the barn having an ouside covering of metal...and everything outside had the potential to at any moment be a "Kite" would be a wonderful day to work with Rhythmbeads to see if they had a calming effect on her potential anxiety during this storm.  Sassy's beads have eight soft bells distributed between the rose quartz.  The Mane and Tail clips have four.  I put them over her head...and she just lowered and totally accepted them.  Wind outside was RAGING!!!!  She let me put the mane clip in.and didnt even acknolodge the action.  I went to put the tail clip in ....she turned and watched me.....then investigated it once it was attached.  The point of the bells is to provide a horse a comfortable, familiar sound...therefore making say trail riding less stressful/anxious on the horse.  Doesnt hurt that you can bling the beads out as well!!! LLLOLLL  Anyway....The beads are amazing..As you begin to realize that the horse is treating you to their "music"..... Sassy was really calm ...even with wind sounds that would have made an F-Five tornado proud.  She shimmied at one point...and the necklace..the mane clip and the tail clip all soothingly tinkled....I could tell she liked it! It was really neat to hear the music Sassy makes as she was so soothing to my human heart in the middle a wind tantrum.  I cant wait til she can be out and I can get the full effect of her equine movement symphony...all the her a sound that is safe and familiar.  I really liked working with her in them.....Definitely a tool in the equine repetoire!!!

Curls and Snggles from Sassy and Krissy in SnoHio :)


  1. The necklace sure looks good on her! I have never seen such a necklace for a horse before. Did you make it yourself? It is great if it keeps her calm and happy!

  2. I made one of these for my mare - I love horse jewelry :) fun !

  3. Sassy, looks beautiful in her jewelry. I had the same question, did you make those yourself, if so could you share how, or get them somewhere that makes them?

  4. I always like to see your smile, you always look so cheerful.
    Looks like pink is your favorite color too :-)

    I made one for my horse Spirit because he always want to go FAST, it really relax him and make him go in a steady beat instead of fast slow fast. I used it on another horse but he broke it so i need to make a new one.

    keep posting you lovely smile :-) and your beautiful horse, she looks just like she adores you too

  5. omg, I love those beads! Makes me wish I had a girl horse. Hmmmm, I bet they make them brown and black to match Didder's beautiful bay coloring, though. I saw them for sale when I bought the Natural Essenses for calming. It is nice to hear that they actually work!! (as does my Release Grounding Essense - I LOVE it!)Marion is right, you have a lovely smile and you both look good in pink.

  6. Thank you guys!!!! I thought they were soooo cool!!! I didnt make Sassy's...Betty Osberg at made the necklace/mane clip/tail clip. I had bought some plastic ones from Chick's and they were yucky.. there were plastic ...and had little pointy's on the beads themselves....the quality difference was drastic!!! Betty is a rescue facility and the beads she makes helps fund it! She has premade ones..but will do ANY color combination you like!

    LLOLLL Betsy!! I think the jewelry is totally fun and the funny thingy is..Sassy seems to enjoy it as much as I do!!! Should have seen my hubby's face when I told him I was getting her a necklace!!!! LLLOLLL

    Dana and Jessica ~ You can get the stuff to make them from craft places. Jewelry wire, the beads, bells,and an alligator clip... Put the number of beads you want..then place your bells..then beads....bells...equal on both sides...then attach your gator clip..Ive seen some that use the lil grip hair clips...but the gator clips are much better for the horses

    Marion - Thank you so much!!!! I LOVEEEEE Pink!!! LLLOLLL My thought is that PINK is an ATTITUDE not a color!! I love that Curly Girl with allll my heart!!!!

    Susan ~ Prince Didder would be TOTALLY HANDSOME in a set of beads!! She will do any combination of colors!!! Telllllll me more about the Natural Essenses!!!!!!!!!

  7. OMG, Prince Didder - that nickname is sooo...him. I should start calling him that. There are many natural essenses. I spoke to an English lady named Michelle at the Northeast Horseman's Conference to get my blend, but I would imagine you would find somebody near you who sells them. First, she asked me all about my issues with my horse, our history, tons of questions. For us, she blended RELEASE so we could release our old issues of fear and bad habits (to make a long story short) and GROUNDING to keep me in the saddle and Didder's feet on the ground. I spray the Release/Grounding on myself and eight places on Didder before we ride (heel bulbs, neck, poll, tail base), plus, he likes to smell the bottle. :) The first time I smelled the essense, I could feel it tingle in my heels. Michelle said, "Good! It is working for you; that is the Grounding Essense." I could find her business card and get you her contact info if you would like.

  8. Hi Krissy, I think I will try to make something like this. I have most of the material (I make necklaces for myself and for friends) but I think I might need stronger Jewelry wire, I am affraid the necklace will break!
    Of course as soon as it works out I will post pictures!

  9. Wow Krissy this is matching colours :) I am a little crazy about colours at my horses as well, though it is only the colour of their halter. They all have their own colour with their name on the nose (so I can tell who is who lol). Beautiful smile of you both!

  10. Susan!!! LLOLL I think Prince Didder TOTALLY fits him!!!! I would VERY MUCH like the contact info!!!! I love 'outside' the box approaches....esp those that prove very effective!!!! Part of Sassy's necklace is Rose quartz...which the indians viewed as a balancing/healing stone!!!

    YAYYYYY Jessica!!! I think you are going to LOVE it once you get it made!!! I cant wait to see picts!! What color are you going to use???

    Caren Thank you!!!! LLLOLLL....Sassy is ALLLLLL PINKED out!!! Her stall sign..halters...lead ropes....blankets...buckets..shipping boots..grooming stuff...and equine Bling!!! LLLOLLLL Even her fly masks!!! I will have to post of pic of them in them!! You are going to roll laughing!!!

  11. Hi Krissy,
    I was thinking green for Voelie because I think it looks nice with her coat but I am not sure yet. I think it will also depend on my mood when I am making it:)

    Susan, if you have some website info on the Natural essences I would like to read about it too. I always like to read about differnt options:) I also try to make things myself. Last year I made a nice mane and tail lotion for Voelie's mom Rose(I don't own her anymore) who is an extreme Curly and I thought it did help keep her tail a bit fuller!


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