Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day

As I was doing chores Tuesday morning - there was a gentle snow shower swirling with what felt like warmer temperatures. I thought to myself - as soon as I am done with feeding the animals and the hungry woodstove - I'd like to saddle up for a quick trot out.  By the time Zoe arrived at the farm - the weather escalated, her morning lesson came - but school and lessons after that were cancelled ... grab a horse and lets' get going ! She had to be back at the bus stop for early dismissal.. but we have time for a fun ride in the tempest :)

Keri was actually pleased to come out ! She must have had fun on Monday.

The horses were surprisingly forward out on the back road. By this time the snow had turned to small stinging flakes. Monday it was SO sunny and blue.. the brilliance made   - as Dominic would say - the sun spicy on my eyes.  Tuesday's ride with the snow blowing directly into our faces was making my eyes definitely feel 'spicy' from what seemed like tiny pelting crystals. That just adds to the joy of it -- and I am glad the horses were not grumpy about the venture. 

We did not want to ask the horses to work too hard by choosing a difficult trail.. since they were favoring us with their agreeable nature - we chose a shorter trail but just as fun.

As Zoe mentioned - Yemaya is a superb snow horse- the way she seems to be able to maneuver her legs in a manner that propels her through the deep cold carpet.  She uses her rather large hiney the way she should... and gets her back legs right under her. I have always called that the "frog" movement - because of the way - when you watch it - the leg movement reminds me of frog's rear legs when they swim.

Keri was all but too happy to follow in Yemaya's foot steps to make her job a bit easier. We always poke fun at her short legs -- and those of you who do not follow the Calvin and Hobbes comics- I'll paraphrase the one comic to which I always refer. Everyone asks Calvin - why don't you ever wear shorts ? Calvin responds in a LOUD voice -- THESE ARE SHORTS !  So - it just makes me giggle.. that's Keri's lot in life, if she did wear shorts - they would come to her ankles. :)

It's warmer and less blow-y on the trail... we don't have to squint as much.

I was wondering if the horses squint their eyes too - then I remembered last year when we trotted to the top of Hawk's Mountain in a storm.. I took a video - and the camera caught Keri (who loves a good nosey look-see) was scrunching up her eyes and blinking a lot.

Here's a little video clip of our small storm -

As we exited the trail onto the road again we ran into the snow plows out doing their thing.  This is right at the town line of Springfield and Chester.. so Springfield plows turn around here. 

Keri takes the lead on the road home. 

Back in the barn - time to un-tack and get back to a very important job of munching hay. 

Silly Yemaya... 

Enjoy ~


  1. I love getting two perspectives on your rides! My favorite pictures are the two with the snow faces. :)

  2. Awesome to hear you both got out before the big blizzard! Riding when the wind is whirling and snow is falling is a great almost feel like you are beating Mother Nature. lol. The horses seemed to be enjoying it too! Thanks for the great report and inspiration once again. =]

  3. I probably should have been staying on the farm shoveling roofs -- because that's what I have been doing all morning today... I hate it when work gets in the way of having fun :)

  4. Oh you poor ones. Today we have spring here again :) We will have half of summer temperatures tomorrow ^^

  5. wauw like I said before, I can't believe you 2 riding in this weather, you brave girls!!
    I was telling my husband today about all these curly's in snow and blizards and still riding. I feel like a wimp!
    Be carefull though!!!!!!

  6. LLLOLLL LOVE the post! AND ..I OWN ALLLLL The Calvin and Hobbes!!! Some awsome training tools would to reconstruct some of his "snow men" for the horses to go by!!!! LLLOLLL Kudos on Riding on irregardless of cold or snow!!!! Love the Fuzzy lil snow face photos!!! Made an awsome heart memory!

  7. The last picturs of Yemaya with alle the snow look so funny. It almost loos like she has a white face:)
    I think you are brave to ride in such cold weather with lots of snow!

  8. Krissy -- now THAT'S an idea.. Calvin's snowmen !! We love Calvin :) and Hobbes is a good fella too.

  9. LOVE the snowy pics and think its awesome that you were out in it! Can't do anything about the weather so may as well enjoy it!! You are in "America's Snow Playground" after all!


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