Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Do Not Wait ....

 "Do Not wait until conditions are perfect to begin...beginning makes conditions perfect" ~ Alan Cohen 

Curly Snugglezzzz
Hellllooooooooooo Fellow Curly Nation!!  I love the above quote and it has really applied to Sassy and me the last several weeks!!! Aside from officially changing my address to SNOW GLOBE.... Sassy has somehow managed to severely sprain her back right hock, (is on restricted movement til March....) and it is taking a while (even after draining) for the swelling to go down...So she and I are putting our horsey toys to 'work' and are making the best out of the recoup time ...playing / learning some new games...reinforcing current skills and some curly snuggles!!!!

Playing/learning with new toys. In the first picture the colorful ball with the spikes is an equi-spirit catch ball. Sassy is quite taken with this toy and we play tug of war and after worming... I am really seeing the advantage of playing with this toy.  We started out with her exploring it with her nose..and then she would close her lips around it...I decided to use the clicker(in  my right hand in the pic below) to reinforce if the movement was gentle! I take a spike...and move it around...ask her to smile and touch her gums and teeth. 
So, Sunday was worming day....I get out my lil woming paste...get it all dialed in...walk into Sassy's stall.....lift my hand ....my eyes on my interdermal target.......and Sassy turns her head....sniffs the paste...and puts her lips around it (just as she had the spirit ball spike) like its a lollipop!!!!!!!!!! And that my Curly Loving friends is how Sassy got wormed and a spikey toy showed me its worth!!! Spike ball = $$...... To be able to mess with or check Sassy's mouth without her being nervous or afraid = Priceless!!!!

Reinforcing current skills.... In the pic below I have asked Sassy to back...and then I turn my shoulder and point to the spikey ball and ask her to target it. She has to reach around to touch it with her nose.  We also do verbal back, turn, and I set it at the furthest point from her ..and ask her to touch target. We are also getting good at the target pointing to the leg we want to lift ...YAYYYYYYY (one of my mini goals for Jan) Since her sprain...we have only done this sparingly because I dont want to stress that hock with uneven weight.  I am amazed at how well she remembers even the lesser reinforced activities!!!! 

Rubba Rubba Sassy Girl
The Month of January was challenging for Sassy and me!! Snow....Swelling...Slicky footing....ice....subzero temps.. ..combined and created some interesting obstacles......but we adapted and worked and had an amazing time together!!  The look on my face when she enclosed that wormer with her mouth.and then allowed me to discharge the contents had to be HILLARIOUS!!!  I never ceased to be amazed at these creatures!!  I am so glad that my Equine Bff doesnt look for the perfect conditions to train her human.....she just begins...and that makes it CURLY perfect every single time!!!!
Curly Hugs from Sassy and Krissy in SNOW GLOBE Ohio !!!
I fully believe that when you look in their eyes....you are looking into a window of Heaven


  1. You 2 look so cute together! I also love that last pictures to, it is really pretty. I am hoping for a quick recovery for you guys, but at least you are having fun playing games and enjoying each others company. Not only that I hear you on the weather part, MN isn't any better and I am looking forward to a early spring!

  2. Oh I love these impressions. I love your smile. You are so deeply in love with that gal, aren't you? I also love my girls so much!

  3. Krissy, I love your borrowed quote!
    You have gumption and ingenuity to make so much lemonade out of lemons.

  4. You gotta "love it when a plan comes together" to borrow another quote of less importance :). (a test for those of my generation) I need to try some of this stuff with my boy, not because he is tough to do anything with but because he has no play drive (I am betting in my ignorance I 'trained' it out of him). Now I want to help him find it again .... Where do you find this star thingee?
    Oh and I LOVE the last picture and the sentiment...I think horse eyes are the mirror to a whole different world.
    Ellen Cheyenne, wy

  5. OO Thank you so much Dana!! I so enjoy just being with her! Keep us in your prayers! Im still concerned about that back hock!!! And all this slick footing doesnt help the healing process!!!

    Caren!!! Thank you ...Sassy makes me smile from my soul!!!! and, You are quite right ...It was total and complete love at first sight!! I know you are totally in love with yours too!!! One of the most amazing "hugs" to the heart a person can ever experience!!!!

    Susan! Isnt that quote the BOMB!!! LLOLL And, its so applicable in every facet of life.....and interacting with our equine partners!!! Had to come up with some way to come out and play with you guys when Sassy's hock got its boo boo!!

    ELLENNNN!!! If I am not mistaken that phrase is from the "A" team??? and yes ma'am... I LOVE it when a plan comes together~!! LLLOLLL The ball in the pic is the equi spirit catch ball http://www.horsesinmotion.ca All their stuff rocks and is alot of fun!!!! Thank you for comment on the last photo of Sassy...You made me smile..So many dont take the time to look and seeeee.

  6. I should put this quote somewhere I can look at everyday since I do sometimes have the tendancy to postpone things! Thanks for sharing that.
    I sure hope that Sassy heals quickly!
    I love how you use the toy to make the deworming easier! A great tip!
    I think I should get some toys for Voelie too. She now tends to 'find' her own toys (pieces of junk she drags in under the fence of the pasture..) but they are not always suitable. Maybe she would also enjoy this kind of toy.

  7. Krissy, YOU NAILED it the A Team! LOL And amen to the "so many don't take the time". We struggle with this with buyers -- all they want to do is get on and ride. They have no concept of building and maintaining a relationship (makes me sorry for their spouses if they have them) and no desire to understand the beauty and soul of the "being" they are riding or breeding or whatevering. Ok done venting! :)
    Ellen cheyenne, wy

  8. That's my new favourite quote!!! And I love the b & w photo at the end. Great stuff


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