Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sunday's Small Expedition in Maine

It was snowing when I headed out to get AhD from the paddock on Sunday. I think he was eager to go out! Does he look that way to you?

Since Didsy was sooo laid back on Saturday and I was yearning for some fresh scenery, I took him up on Back Street and the adjoining trails on Sunday. We started off with me walking because I really need to jump start my metabolism and it had the added benefit of getting us out and about together to work off that excess start-up energy.

We trotted this stretch of road on the way back, but on the way out we moved right along at a forward walk. Didder was more looky than he had been on Saturday, but that was to be expected because we were passing houses and kids on sleds and such. He was very well behaved, though, and I was quite content and relaxed.

We headed towards the Big Field and the Secret Garden. I just loved these views on the way.
Overlooking the beautiful pond.
Here is the old fashioned hay rake that AhD was quite het-up about. I kept in mind Shelly’s “10” number ~ Shelly, I just love that! ~ and stayed very calm and relaxed while we advanced and retreated. When we finally circled it, he was only slightly alert on the right, and bored with it on his left. More on what I think about the “10” – it is what you make it. For example, if you like a forward, frisky horse, your 10 will be much more energetic than someone else’s most desired 10. Your own 10 score can even vary from day to day. I just love the ideas I pick up in this blog!

We rode all over the field. The snow was quite deep, and we are due for a foot or more on Wednesday, so it may be a long time before we are riding in this field again.

Same for this wood trail. We were the only ones to use it besides the local wildlife, no snowmobile tracks to be seen. We moseyed on down to the brook, where we had to turn around. I know there is a thick layer of ice up ahead in that dip, and it is too dangerous to chance.

We turned around, and I gave Didsy a loose rein and turned on the video.
I know I have said this before, but boy do I ever love my Curly. ~ Susan and *RCR Ah-D-Das


  1. Beautiful Susan...that's the first time I have ever seen his whole name written!! Now it makes more sense, lol. Sounds like a whole whack of us are in for all that snow!

  2. Wonderful Susan! If there is snow, it must be right like that lol!

  3. You and AHD are such a fabulous team, Susan! I love hearing your voice as you speak to him and he responds with a cute little twitch of his ear....he adores you! And is obviously thriving on your encouragement! What a good boy to venture somewhere new and still be tuned into you...but then, he should be..you are an awesome leader!! Great job!

  4. I like that every picture you have the ears a forward, what a happy horse :)

  5. Awsome Job Susan!!! The projection to the viewer watching the video is complete peace!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

  6. Yes, AhD has been so happy lately...and so am I. You are right, Krissy, it is so peaceful and rejuvinating in the woods; it feeds my soul.


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