Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cold and Snowy

Since the start of winter we have wanted to be able to ride while it was snowing. Well today we were able. There is quite a storm moving through the Northeast right know with most of it expected tomorrow, possibility of up to 2 feet. During the morning today we had a small storm that was like a precursor for tomorrow. While I had originally planned to work Splash Dancer in the ring when my mom said she wanted to get out and ride I was all for it. After my morning lessons I grabbed OYY Yemaya and off we went. Spalsh is not quite ready to be ridden out down the road with mares and I am not sure Keri would be able to keep up with him at all. When he extends I am not sure who could keep up with him. So our date has been postponed to later in the week.
As you can see Yemaya was covered with snow just coming out of the pasture. Today we planned to hit the trail, Elektra needed to have the day off and Yemaya is always ready to head out. She is so willing and has such a fantastic work ethic. No matter what I asked of her she gives it her all. Today was no different. She was happy and forward heading down the road even with the snow just blowing hard into our face. I was riding most of the way down the road with my eyes half closed and hoping nothing was coming at us. When it was time to head through the snowbank to get onto the trail Yemaya had no hesitation just straight on through and onto the trail.
The trail was much warmer than the road, without the blowing snow in your face. As we were going along Yemaya was just pushing through the deep snow without any troubles yet when she saw there was already a path she went right for it.

Keri did very well trotting along on the road and made great effort on the trail. Those short legs really work against her at times but Yemaya was happy to plow through a path for her.

Once again in the last part of our trip our fingers started to really feel the cold but luckily we were much closer to home than yesterday. At the end of the trip I snapped this picture of Keri just to show the snow blowing in our face. Mine felt like it had as much snow on it as Keri's but it still felt good being in the saddle especially since I knew that school was already canceled for the next day so Dominic and I were going to be hanging at home sledding.


  1. I can't believe you went out in the blowing snow willingly! I can relate to you in closing my eyes and hoping for the best. Usually I just rely on the horse to know the path LOL. Love the pictures as usual, but I especially like that there is snow on the lens, really tells the story!

  2. Twice last year I took AhD out in a snowstorm, and he HATED it! Kudos to Keri and Yemaya for being more adventurous. I am hoping to try him again tomorrow morning (before all my trials are absolutely buried) to see if his much improved attitude carries over to snowstorms. Your pictures tell a story all in themselves. That snowbank was huge!

  3. I totally get it!! I love being out in the snow - even when it is coming down hard and fast! Linus doesn't seem to mind it much either and even enjoyed it falling on him when going through the bush! Have a good "snow day"

  4. WOW! You guys were getting some Ginormous snowflakes there!!! Love the way you spent your snow day.....and I love that last pic!

  5. It is so nice that you guys can ride together, it is fun to read the 2 different stories. But I do have to say you guys are brave to go out in that weather, or many I am just a wimp to stay inside where it is warm :)

  6. Be carful please. It can be dangerous in the woods when a storm is around.

  7. Wauw I can't believe you riding in this weather, we are so not used to it. I love the stories and the pic.
    be carefull though!


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