Tuesday, February 1, 2011


That's what yesterday was for Linus and I. Just a nice, easy day. We didn't go down to the bush and the knee is definitely healing fast. I would like to try a trip to the bush today before we get all of that snow in case its a few days before we can get back there again. But, I don't know how wise of an idea that is!! We'll see how it goes. I tried to post yesterday but our Internet decided the storm was already here and was working in turtle mode...it was like having dialup again...only worse!
I was thinking last night about the blog and the group of people that make it up. I think one of the best things about it is all these "horse people" who are not the stereotypical "horse people". I'm sure in many of your regions it is similar to around our area here where when most people find out you're into horses you almost immediately get labelled as a snob. It just hit me last night that we are no such group and its great!!
So yesterday, somebody decided that because he has been so good lately he would see how much he could get away with. He thought it was his turn to be the leader while we were out. I can't really blame him since the last few times he has been driven so therefore forced to be in the lead. But I have it down to a swirling of the end of the lead rope and he knows not to mess around. He's so clever....ever feel like your horse could accomplish so much more than you can offer?!
Betsy and Zoe have really made me think about something. We had an old cutter too where the sides had all rotted but I think the frame was still good. The question is what did Dad do with it? I can't remember if it went on a dump load or was hauled down the bush where he takes the harder to dispose of items. Another great reason to go down there and investigate!! I would have to do some major dismantling of it but it would end up exactly like what they had used. There is even a local carriage builder who might be able to put some sides back on...for that matter my Dad is a highly skilled carpenter....
I'm trying not to get too excited at the prospect because I don't know if it is down there or not but I can't help but be anxious to go check it out!!


  1. That sounds like a good plan Donna, would like to see you and Linus with a sled! Hope you find it and can still use it!

  2. Donna, if you study a close up of mine -- it is so simply made... if your Dad can weld - or someone else you know -- the runners are just small diameter pipe and re-bar. The wood base is rough sawn lumber -- and the sides we 'used' to have were plywood.

  3. You are right Donna, this is a great group of people. There is also the opinion that if you own horses you are rich, uh no, it's called horsepoor lol. I enjoy reading all the posts and hope to be blogging on our own curly adventures soon!!
    Dian, Jeffry, and Jackson
    *Blue, *Bobble, and Sunny

  4. Donna, Linus is DARN lucky to have you, and don't you ever think anything different! You are a "dream owner." :)

  5. Thanks for the tip Betsy!! And Susan, thanks so much for that comment / compliment.

  6. Donna...Beleive and Breathe....there is nothing you cant accomplish by starting with those two words.....Breathe...Believe.....Become :)))

  7. I really share your thoughts about this group!


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