Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Red vs. Red

First of all, unfortunately we didn't make a trip to the bush today to check out if the old cutter is back there or not. Maybe I should just ask my Dad....then he will really wonder what the heck I am up to now!! Maybe this weekend we will get back there again. I know I won't be able to over the next 2 days...unless I am done work REALLY early Thursday. Let's hope!
We had another pretty light day today. I was going to give Linus a total day off but when he burst out of his pen with no intention of listening to what I wanted to do I decided that he just blew his chance for a day off and we were going to work on some manners...again! LOL. I am not really that hard on him and full understand and appreciate he is a youngster. But he is not going to always be a youngster and when he is a fully grown horse I definitely want him to know his place!!
So, we first did a little bit of light lunging and practiced first him getting his attention on me and not the dog trying to goad him into playing!! Then we practiced going from walk to trot and back down. I don't want him going any faster than that just yet. We still have a bit of a hard time changing direction. I have recently started working on getting back in shape for hockey and the way Linus looks when going the opposite direction looks like how I feel when doing crossovers to the left!!! I felt for him! But, I have to give him credit, he did try and he kept at it until he was comfortable with it. He is great now when I say "Whoa". He Immediately stops and turns to face me.
Now that I had his full attention and respect we went for a walk and continued to work on our commands. I am finding this makes an enormous difference when we do get out ground driving. The better he listens the easier it is on me! He is really starting to realise his strength and its making constantly grateful for working on these things from a young age!
Oh ya, the title of my post!!! Almost forgot - that would have made me look real clever!! Forgive the quality of the pictures, they were taken on my phone from the tractor. He always tries to put on a show when the tractor goes by his pasture. Which I do several times while he is out there on my way to get hay for the cows or dump the bucket on the manure pile. I finally caught him in action acting all big and brave!! And of course when you drive away he high tails it all over the place. The tractor is red...hence the Red vs. Red
Happy diggin for those of us expected to get this storm!

Watching something going on out at the road

Shaking his head, prancing and bucking at the tractor....I was sure glad to be in the cab and not near this super scary horse! ;)


  1. Great Post Donna! You are absolutely right that as they gain size...it is soooooo much better they have a manners in their foundation. He is such a cutie!!! I really like the last pic...He appears to be bowing at the end of his performance!!!! Stay warm :))

  2. I have some people looking at a large pony 2 years old.. when they asked what can they do with him-- I said -- go read all of Donna's posts.. you'll keep yourself busy !!

  3. Beautiful pictures, though taken from a phone! I just have that change you described with one horse of mine, Fuego. I is really gettng a horse! That is amazing!!

  4. Good job getting Linus over The Attitude and sticking with your guns! You are such a good leader in your team of two. :)

  5. I also think it it good to teach your horse manners before they are strong and grown. I try to do this now with Voelie and hope that by the time she becomes a 'big' horse she knows how I want her to behave:)
    I really like the pictures of Linus reacting to the tractor! I love seeing horses act like this, it makes them look so pretty and impressive!

  6. Thank you Betsy!! That's a wonderful compliment to get!!
    Thank you all for your comments. Linus and I do have loads of fun together. I can't believe how well matched we are and he was the first horse I looked at!


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