Friday, February 4, 2011

"Growing Days"

Hard to believe a few short days ago I was wondering how I was going to tear myself away from all the fun Linus and I have been having to give him a day off. Well, now he has had nearly 3!! I love snowstorms but was rushed home from work Wednesday with my most severe migraine yet. If it hadn't been a snowstorm I was to be hospital bound! I am on the mend now though. However, I am insanely worried that like when all of this started last year, I will have to start back at square 1 again with cannot imagine how much I hope not!! ( I have to warn you all now; when I get an attack this bad it messes up my motor and communication skills for a bit. During the migraine, I can barely speak and writing is out of the question. So, if my sentences on here are pretty messed up and all over the place...I'm sorry - I also don't proofread, not about to start now! )
I'm very lucky that my Dad is able to care for Linus when I can't be there. I felt bad for him though having to do ALL of the chores ( I normally have them done before he gets home from work) and then clean snow on top of it. But, he's great and has a pretty unique and wonderful bond with Linus too. So, I didn't see my boy at all Wednesday but against better judgement I went to see him yesterday. I'm not one to be kept in and resting and was going to break something if I didn't get out to see Linus and the cows. So I made the short drive over and was so refreshed for it. The scenery was the most beautiful I have ever seen; all covered with a thick layer of fresh snow and sparkling in the sun. People were out helping neighbours move snow. It was great. Best of all, I had my arms wrapped around my Big Guy's neck! He was happy to see me rather than giving me the cold shoulder for not having been to see him. I left with the promise to be back again today and if I could we would do a bit.
Today I was again greeted with a very friendly nicker and head over the gate. I climbed over and hugged him...just love it when he wraps his neck around me too! I chatted awhile with him and rubbed him all over. I still can't get my heart rate up or allow any sudden jerking movements but I decided to take him for a short walk and turn him out for some exercise. I expected him to be skittish and eager to pound the fresh snow. He got excited at the site of me bringing his halter out and dramatically dropped his head to have it put on. I opened the gate and said to him "Now, I'm not very good today Linus so you are going to have to go easy on me ok Boy". I walked him out with the licorice stick (carrot) just in case I needed to wave it in front. He was such a gentleman I almost cried!! He put his head by my shoulder when we left the gates and barely lifted it at his two famous distractions of the dogs and the snow pile. He didn't even try to stop and roll and he ALWAYS does this. He blew me away. It was like he heard me and understood I couldn't handle much today. Then he tore all over and I thought to myself, what have I done I will never get him back up to the barn!! But he again was great. I played some ground games with him that didn't require much of me and swung the carrot stick all over and around him while on the way back. I can stand at his shoulder and swing it to touch the ground on both sides of his back without him flinching. Great stuff for a youngster!
Desperate to get back in the bush again!

The above picture shows how big the snow pile is now after the storm. Linus is only slightly behind it and looks like a mini! While I have this picture up it is a good time to tell what he normally does at this snow hill....he backs his rump up to it then slides down and rolls at the bottom!!

Loves to dig and push in the snow!

I climbed to the top of the big snow hill and Linus went nuts! I think he wanted to join me!


  1. Donna, I so admire your consistency, your attention to detail and your dedication to the blog. I hope you can continue to do a bit each day even if it is not your usual 6 km jaunts just being there with our horses and breathing the same air is good for us. Be well. And I am a technical editor and I do not proof read my own stuff as I can type it and it looks JUUUUUst fine! LOL No blurps at all in your posting.
    Ellen cheyenne, wy

  2. Wonderful blog again. You are doing fantastic. Thanks for sharing that blog with us!

  3. Donna,

    That picture of Linus poking the snow reminds me so much of Elektra, but of course they are related so maybe that is why. And isn't it amazing when our horses seem to be able to sense when they can push our buttons and when they need to to give us a little extra love and support.

  4. I totally agree with Ellen!
    And Linus obviously loves you and can sense your moods. Good going, BOTH of you!


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