Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stormy Weather with Keri

I knew Susan was going to try to get out on her trusty AhD (Didder) so after I shoveled about eleventy-seven feet of snow off my shed roofs... Keri and I went for a quick spin. After walking through hip deep snow - I needed a jog to loosen my tension .. and after those struggling strolls through the snow with the roof rake and shovel - I decided.. I was not going to ask Keri to do it. We'll stick to the road. Susan and I don't get a chance to ride together much - with the distance between us.

I think it was colder and more snowy on Tuesday when we had the "pre-storm" storm.  We did get a LOT of snow though - I wonder how long it is going to take those snow sledders to get out and pack those trails down. Today Zoe and I were slated to be dropped off at the end of Lovers Lane in Chester for her birthday ride - which is a beautiful scenic road for riding along - but it is closed in the winter-- snowmobiles only. We had to re-schedule because of this storm.  I knew the snow would be DEEP.
She even re-scheduled all her Thursday lessons to other time slots so we could have a nice long trip.

Last year on Zoe's birthday - I posted a photo I took during morning feeding of a snow rainbow --

Had to try one 'artsy' shot ... Keri is a good girl to take me out for a stormy jog.. mostly, if she is not missing a meal - she's happy to go. Keri and I have been aging 'gracefully' together now - so we have learned to never question each other much but rather humor each other, allowing for those occasional senior moments and acts of silliness.  :)

I was lucky - as I was returning - a friend came by to make sure I was not stuck up on a roof or in a snowbank :) I asked him to snap a photo of me.

I think there is an almost identical photo of me and Keri from last year... I guess we don't change that much over 12 months time... other than our outerwear perhaps.

I always miss Zoe when I venture out by myself... Keri is a somewhat silent riding partner - she listens but .. not quite the same :)

Unless we stay to the snowmobile trails -- there won't be much for woods trail riding this year I guess. This storm dumped another foot or more... yikes.

Enjoy ~


  1. Looks like a super ride! I liked what you had to say about you two growing old gracefully together, and the picture your neighbor took of you two is just awesome. :)
    I am also hoping for a good number of snowmobilers to get out on the trails right next to my house...otherwise I'm relegated to Back Street.
    Tell Zoe I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  2. Wow, very snowy! I love the eye picture, those are always my favourite :) Happy Birthday Zoe!!!

  3. HAPPPPYYYY Birthday to Zoe!!! How old is she?? Im with Anastasia...I love the picts of the eyes!! Did you guys get all snow and miss the ice?? I thought we had ALOT....a friend in Mass had five foot on the ground.... Be safe and stay warm!!!

  4. A nice ride is the best Birthday present! Congradulations to Zoe!
    The picture of the eye with snow on the eyelashes is lovely!

  5. "eleventy-seven" too funny - i used to say that a lot!! "eleventeen" too!! Gorgeous eye picture. So awesome that you got out and rode in the storm, I would have been right out there in it if I could have been!

  6. Yeah I also LOVE that Eye pictures ... great description, great job!


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