Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm back!

Well after having a major cold for a week and then a terrible snow storm I finally feel like I can get back to working the horses.

I did get to ride Theo last Thursday some and Abby on Saturday.
We rode out side for the 3rd time. She was a bit more excited then the first two times but we almost made it down the entire water way. On the way out we saw a Red Tailed Hawk feeding on something in the field. It was about 20 yards from us but Abby really didn't care (her brain was on the barn). We kept riding through what I thought was deep snow (now I'm sure it's to deep to ride through) She was getting a bit tired physically so I decided to turn around. On our way back the Hawk flew down to the same spot and then Abby was curious. She wasn't afraid but took steps towards it! I have a pet bird so I know what they can do... I said nope Abby we are not investigating that one. She needed to stare at it for awhile and do a few circles before we continued back to the barn.

Once we got to the barn she was not wanting to stand still while I chatted to another rider. So we practiced our backing skills. If she moved we backed by the end she was standing very still with a leg cocked.
Sunday Natalie had a lesson on Theo so she can get used to him before the Midwest Horse Fair. She will be riding him during the breed demo while I ride Abby.

He was doing so well for her but getting bit hollow at times so I encouraged her to add more impulse in her posting and immediately he rounded! She also learned to ask for a trot to walk transistion with her seat and not the reins. It took her and him a while to figure this one out but by the end she was getting it quickly. The biggest news though is she cantered on him!! and he picked up both leads. She is a tiny girl and he has a Huge canter. She was shocked at first but they both made it look easy.

Here are some photos from her lesson.

Theo being a bit hollow and behind the vertical

AH! much better nice round back and a good reach with his hind legs.

Two point over some ground poles. I love how he picks up his feet

hollow but getting a bit more reach with the front legs

and the canter! He was on the forehand the entire time but he is just learning to stay in the canter and balance himself so the rest will come.

Until next time Abby, Theo, and Blaine (and Natalie)!

Wisconsin, USA


  1. Blaine, I really enjoyed your descriptions next to your pictures; I was looking at the photos to see if I could spot the points you made. Good luck at the Midwest Horse Fair! I hear you will be riding with my friend Lesly of Big Sky Ranch.

  2. Theo and Natalie look like they're doing a great job. How tall is he anyways? I hope you post pictures from the Midwest Horse Fair!?

  3. What a georgeous boy! (did i spell that right hmmm) Where in WI are you?

  4. Im glad you are feeling better!!! Great Photos Blaine!!! Best of CURLuck to them at the fair!!! When do they go?? Your description of Abby and the hawk made me smile!!! LLOLLL That could have been one of those UT O kinda situations!!! LLLLOLLLL

  5. I love to read your posts about Theo as I ride his paternal brother Teasel Obi. Some of the things you describe about Tho are so like Teasel it is fun to hear about it.

  6. I was wondering if Teasel was related since he had the Obi in his name. Theo is ham but very sensitive and quick to learn things. Theo is 15.2/3 He looks alot taller but I've measured him several times. Abby is Theo's niece so I suppose she is Teasel's niece to then!

    I am down by Madison WI.

    I will take loads of pics and probably video of the demo. I don't know if I'll get to ride with Lesley but we will definately be seeing each other!

  7. Nice pictures, Theo looks wonderful. I am sure Natalie and Theo will be great at the Horse fair!

  8. Theo is so gorgeous. Such a sporty looking fella!! You're right - he sure can pick those feet up!

  9. Blaine (Natalie? Theo? Abby? I am confused lol), you are my hero! I simply love your talented horse that looks really wonderful! I am the biggest dressage fan ever, so I simply admire what you are doing!


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